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What am I legally allowed to remove from house?

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  • What am I legally allowed to remove from house?

    I'm angry and upset about being ripped off on the sale of my house and need to remove as much as possible to make up for this but I don't want to get on the wrong side of the law so need some advice on what I can and can't remove.

    The situation is this: I had a survey done that valued my house at 200k, I went on the market at 180k priced to sell to get a quick sale. After 2 weeks it hadn't sold so I went on the golden rule that if a house doesn't sell in the first 2 weeks it's because it's over-priced and I reduced it to 165k which was really as low as I wanted to go. A couple made an offer of 158k (the never even had the decency to make the offer to me, they went away and made it via the estate agent the cheeky swines), which annoyed me as I made it quite clear I would not entertain any offers, after all you don't go into the supermarket and say "I'll give you 40p for that tin of beans" or into Currys and say "I'll give you £400 for that tv", they knew the asking price and if they couldn't afford that then they shouldn't have viewed, however my estate agent said it was normal to get an offer and suggested a counter offer, I said "sure, counter it with the asking price", the agent then came back and said they had increased the offer to 161k as a final offer and suggesting I accept if I want the quick sale so I reluctantly accepted. I would never dream of trying to haggle on a price, the twice that I've bought a house I've viewed and said "I'll take it".

    Anyway, I am so angry and upset by this couple ripping me off and I always had it drilled into me growing up "if someone hits you, hit them back twice as hard, no matter who they are" so I will be doing everything possible to make sure that I get the difference and that they find that instead of getting one over me I've got one over them. I will be removing as much from the house as possible. They will regret ever crossing me, trying to rip me off.

    I will take the boiler out (it's new and I should get a good few quid for that), I'll take the oven and hob too, and the radiators I'll get something for them for scrap, I'll also take the light switches, sockets and light fittings, the kitchen units and sink are coming out too (I'm going to hook up a covert camera so I get the pleasure of seeing their faces when they realise there's no kitchen). What else can I legally remove? can I remove the gas/water pipes? the electric wires? the windows/doors? am I allowed to remove any of those or would that land me in trouble, I need to know.

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    Re: What am I legally allowed to remove from house?

    Wow Nick. That's some retribution for a couple who tried their luck and you said 'yes'. You should have completed a Property Information Form and a Fixtures and Fittings form where you state what you will be leaving or taking. If you contravene this, the buyers may come after you for compensation.

    As to the hidden camera... don't go there.