Hi there
I am in the process of selling my flat which has a share of the freehold. The company is limited by guarantee so we don't have shares. I am having a few difficulties getting answers from my director about a couple of things so I wondered if someone may be able to help. Is it a simple as me resigning as a member once I have sold the flat and the new owner writing a letter to apply to be a member, then the director agreeing it as they have the one factor they need, they own a flat? I don't remember doing this so would my solicitor have done it for me? Would there be a membership form or is a letter enough?

I also don't have a membership certificate. I have been told that these are probably all kept together rather than handed out for fear of us losing them. Is that likely? How would one go about getting a new membership certificate if they don't have one?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best wishes