Hi, this is my first post here but there isn't really a forum dedicated to this so thought some people here may have some experience!

I recently bought a house that has overhead power lines crossing the roof and back garden. These aren't little lines like from a telephone pole, these are those thick cables coming off them ugly massive pylons you see that look like 6 armed octopi!! Weren't too bad when I viewed the house, in winter, at 6pm (when it was dark!) but they are a bit 'eye-sorish' TBF when you see them in daylight.

Since moving, I have received a letter from a company called The Power Line Advisory Group which says that I can claim compensation for the devaluation of the property due to the presence of the power lines.

I have looked over their bumpf on their website and it all suggests that I could actually claim. I have looked up other companies doing the same thing, and there are lots of them, so I am inclined to think that this must be a worthwhile endeavor for so many companies to be doing it, I hope...

Anyway, here they say that I can claim even if the lines were there before I bought, and a bit of cash after just moving wouldn't go amiss I'm sure you'll understand! So has anyone used this company before? I'm looking at them as (1) they wrote to me! and (2) they charge less commission than the others I've looked up. Anyone found anyone cheaper than 10%?

Thanks in advance.