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Lied, cheat, and stole my land!

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  • Lied, cheat, and stole my land!

    i am in desperate need here guys and i have been on various forums trying to get some support.

    basically, i have had my land stolen from me and i do not know what to do. i live in a terraced house where the size of the gardens are all more or less the same. i bought this property about 10 years ago and when i bought the property, i realised that the neighbors next door had built an extension in to my garden. now if it was just a little bit, i would not be so worried but it is over a foot in my land and goes down for 20 feet! thats a huge chunk in a small house. i did not stupidly notice when i purchased the house as i was all over the place at that time trying to raise funds.

    now i bought my house from someone who was not living there and im guessing they were not aware of the extension situation. the neighbor who built the extension, built it about 2 years before i bought the house. so when i got the house, i was on great terms with the neighbor and he said to me 'oh im so sorry, i think my builders messed up. i did not know but i will sort it out'.

    i did not want to sound so pushy so i thought we will work it out in a friendly and honest neighborly way and every time i spoke to him, they said 'soon, ill sort my extension out soon'. he then suggested that when i do my extension (which was my dream), we can do it together and he will break his wall down and both be in line again. we stayed good friends all this time and i was happy with the verbal agreement.

    10 years have passed and now i have finally saved up just about enough for my dream extension so my family can have a decent sized kitchen for a change however my neighbor has changed completely! he is now refusing to acknowledge anything and will not budge at all! we had an agreement but he is not willing to remove his extension of my property!

    everything i have read seems to read that i stand NO grounds here and my neighbour will win every case against me. i tried to speak to a local property lawyer but they are demanding huge fees just for advice! i do not have that money and i would really appreciate some sort of advice from anyone.

    do i have any rights? can i take this to court? all i want is our original agreement to to be ad heard to and we can get the work done. my families dreams have been ruined after 10 years of waiting.

    please help a desperate old man.

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    Re: Lied, cheat, and stole my land!

    This is not straightforward, and sorry, if you want to go to court, you need advice first and I'm afraid it will cost.

    Nobody on a forum like this can give a cut and dried answer. There are too many details here that need to be gone into. Going into such details of who said what when and who wrote what when all takes lots of time.

    Better really to have had the matter resolved when you bought.
    RICHARD WEBSTERwww.rwco.co.uk
    As a conveyancing solicitor I want to be helpful (England/Wales only) but can't accept liability for this.