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Nightmare house move - help please

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  • Nightmare house move - help please

    Hi - we really need some help [apologies for the long email but a LOT happened yesterday]
    - the situation is that yesterday we moved my in-laws to their new house - they moved everything into a couple of removals lorries and headed off for the new house an hours drive away. During the drive my father in law took a call saying that monies had not yet been exchanged - apparently the 'cash' buyer turned out to be a 'mortgage buyer' and there was a delay in the release of the mortgage and basically at 2pm ish the money had not yet gone through - we continued to the new house and on arrival at 2:30ish the people at the new house would not let us remove any of our stuff - so we waited until we recieved a call that the finances had been completed and all houses had now been payed for and that we should now get the keys from the estate agents [3pm].

    The estage agents called to say that as the vendor had not yet moved out so the keys were still with them - When I returned to the house [i was half way to the estate agents when I got the call] - our removals guys said that the vendor would still not let us into the house, or the garden or on the drive - they would not even let us use an alley at the side of the house to go round to the back garden and unload [so we could keep out of the way whilst they loaded] - hope this all makes sense so far ....

    The vendors eventually moved out at 5:30 two and a half hours after we had paid for the house and should have picked up the keys! - by this time the removals guys had to return to their base and could not unload - they would return today [30-05-2012] and unload after cancelling another job - costing an extra £1200 above the initial fees [ we have no gripe with this at all btw].

    Not a very good day at all - we feel like we've been treated like dirt from both the vendor and my in-laws buyer. Just to mention - at no point did the vendors apologise or try to communicate or accomodate us - they quite bluntly refused us any access to the site until they were finished - I'll also add that for the first two house we got there, their van was unloading on their new house - so they basically sat in the house waiting for the van to return - in that time we could have unloaded at least one of our vans which was not obstructing the large drive in any way - I also want to add that we could have unloaded both vans from 3pm to 5:30 into the back garden without obstructing them in any way.

    My points really are:-

    1. Is the buyer of my in-laws house responsible for the extra costs? or part costs?

    2. Is the vendor who would not let us unload for 2 and 1/2 hrs after we bought the house partly/wholly responsible?

    3. Do we write off the £1200 - not easy for my 74 year old father-in-law and his wife who is suffering for Altzeimers!

    4. What do we do? - any help greatly appreciated - moving is stressful but yesterday was an absolute nightmare!.


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    Re: Nightmare house move - help please

    I believe that part of the process is vacant tenancy (could well be wrong) in which the house you complete on must be empty. Your solicitors or someones has cocked up along the way by completion happening without vacant possession. You should be able to claim these costs and your solicitor will be best placed to sort this for you. Good luck!
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      Re: Nightmare house move - help please

      Buyer at fault for not getting the money to your solicitors before 2pm.
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      As a conveyancing solicitor I want to be helpful (England/Wales only) but can't accept liability for this.


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        Re: Nightmare house move - help please

        Do not write this money off. Lawyers have definitely cocked up. As soon as money in/completed - house is yours. My wife, had exactly this happen to her. Some lawyers try to avoid sueing or complaining about each other. Ended up getting help from her financial adviser (needanadviser) that specialised in complaints handling to put a rocket under the lawyer to get the additional costs (in wife's case some form of eviction notice) sorted.


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          Re: Nightmare house move - help please

          What happened with this in the end?