Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me with the following problem I have with an Estate Agent. I have googled the subject but cannot find any decent information.

Basically I made an offer on a house which included various fixtures and fittings. (Curtains and Breakfast Bar Stools) My offer was accepted by the owners and we are now 5 weeks into the buying process.

I have now received the fixture and contents list from the owners and the items which were agreed too with my offer are now not included.

I have spoken to the Estate Agent to ask them what is going on and they advise me that the owners are now taking these items.

I dont actually believe this information and have asked my solicitor to contact the owners to ask them if they received my offer which included the items.

If my suspisions are correct and the agent did not pass on my offer in full and correctly, what legal rights do I have? Can I take legal action against the agent for compensation?