Does anyone have any experience of a situation where a seller did not vacate the house on the intended day of completion, because they had not finished packing? In fact they did not finish for a further 2 days and we only completed 3 days after intended. As you may guess this has happened to us, and it has caused us a lot of stress as well as expense. To make matters worse both my children are autistic so do not cope at all well with change of any sort, let alone getting home from school to find they were homeless, and it was my birthday 2 days after the intended completion date so we had to abandon any idea of a party.

The sellers have offered to pay expenses, including a payment to a friend who lent us floor space as emergency accommodation, plus removal call out costs, storage and legal fee. But they argue that because they are paying compensation they do not need to make the interest payment which would normally be due - in which case as I understand it we have been paying interest for 3 days too long so are out of pocket. Plus no compensation whatsoever has been offered for the stress/inconvenience factors.

There seems to be very little information around on what happens when the seller defaults, mostly defaulting occurs because of the buyer, so if anyone has experience of a similar situation I'd be very interested to know.