Hi all

My partner and I have just bought a new property. Its part of a Victorian terrace and backs onto an old builders yard.

We moved just after Christmas and have just recieved a letter from the council which refers to a planning application that was approved a few months ago for the redevelopment of the builders yard. This involves the demolition of one of the terraces 4 doors down from us to widen access to the yard and then the construction of a number of new buildings which will be two storey (the exisitng buildings are single story gargages) and overlook our garden.

We are obviously concerned that there will be on-going niose and disruption as part of the works and over our loss of privacy.

Please could someone tell me if this should've been picked up by either our surveyor or solicitor? Or was it down to us to check this pre-exchange? Any advice would be much appreciated!