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Euroneth SL Jean Paul Baert Property Scam

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  • Euroneth SL Jean Paul Baert Property Scam

    Has anyone come accross Euroneth SL or Mr Jean Paul Baert, we deposited £6,000 with their company about 6 months ago on the promsie the would secure us two appartments and a health return. We have recieved nothing we have not been able to contact Euroneth or Mr Baert. Has anyone else fallen foul of this con man.

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    Spain investmnet Euronet SL


    Yes, i have invested £6000 as well and its 7 months now but i haven't got any reply or anything from the person i brought the apartment. Can you please tell me whom you took this deal from. Was it someone from UK or Overseas.

    Please be in touch if you get any answer ot any resolution.


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      I also have invested £5,000 with Euroneth. I dealt with someone called Giulio Giancovich, who has an address on the Isle of White. He now doesn't reply to emails or answer his phone. Any one else been taken by these people?


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        Yes, I was dealing with person named Ben but his boss was Giulio. I am calling him several times but no response from him. Can you please be in touch so that we can chase them up to get our money back. Do you have any idea or anything what you going to do please do let me know so that I can join you as well.


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          Have you thought about contacting trading standards, it may be that they are already investigating this so called company and their dodgy dealings. My guess is that they are long gone and taking your money with them...probably trading under another name!!

          I would be very surprised if you see your money again.

          Could someone explain to me why they would hand over £6000 to someone they don't know, who doesn't have a registered office and cannot prove his credentials
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            I sent my documents to this Giulio via recorded mail. He copied them and sent them back. So I have his address. It's on the Isle of White. I live 'up North' Anyone down South who can check out his address?


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              I had a call 3-weeks ago from someone called Jordan saying that the bank had not accepted my mortgage application. Jordan was to offer a smaller appartment but has never come back to me. On Friday of last week (Nov 6th) I received a copy of the following email from Giulio to Jordan:

              Hi Jordan,

              I've just returned to the uk today and would appreciate it if you reply to Andrew below while getting me up to speed with what is happening with the investments.

              Look forward to hearing from you with the updates.



              This was in response to the fact that I suggested in an email to Giulio (he never returns my phone calls) that I would meet with him at his home in the IOW. I have left further messages yesterday and today and sent another email to him. Clearly he is ignoring me.

              Where abouts in the country are you Investor?


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                Exactly what documents did you send for him to 'copy'? hopefully not bank statements, passport/driving license and utility bill!

                This sounds like a scam, anyone can get access to a property to collect/sign for mail but not actually occupy it. I would give trading standards a call, the email and phonecall you received sounds like delay tactics as they are most likely using the same scam elsewhere and once they have made enough from this, they will move on!
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                  Ahhhh, yes, and wage slips. I feel like such a twit!


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                    My documents were copied and passed to a company called WPC who progress the mortgage with the bank - in my case it was the Emporiki Bank in Cyprus. I have spoken with WCP today and they claim that they are nothing to do with Giulio or Jordan but that those two do work together.


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                      I was introduced to Euroneth by One Portfolio & Investment Wiz. This was a deal in Tenerife. It looked pretty good: a deposit of £3,000 & you were guaranteed returns for 3 years & a buy back after that. Unfortunately this didn't materialise. The deal was too good to be true! I sent an email to Euroneth & got a response from their Spanish lawyers, Del Prado & Partners. The lawyers said that Baert had handed over the deposits to another party who had run off with them & could we join in an action against that party. I queried whether the lawyers would have a conflict of interest, since as far as I was concerned Euroneth had taken the deposit & I didn't care about anyone else. The lawyers said that they had evidence that the money was given to the other party, that was Baert's defence & EUROS 500 would be needed to start a legal action. I'm just wondering if this is throwing good money after bad. Has anyone else been dealing with Euroneth's lawyers?


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                        The answer to your question is yes! do not hand over any more money to this company OR their associates 'Lawyer' or not. If you are going to seek legal advice do it independantly.
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                          Yes, I had the same email going on to pay Euro 500 to file a Legal case against the third party.

                          Grandmaster – With regards to your message yes I was also told to pass on my details to WCP to apply for Mortgage and they decline it twice. They then said you will be moved to Turkish project. I do think I was a stupid to believe in Ben and pay £6000 for the deal. Actually, I knew Ben as I was dealing with him since he was dealing in property in Dubai.

                          I am planning to file a complain against Ben and Giulio and will try my level best to get at least something of my refund…


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                            Euroneth Scam - Guilio G

                            Im also trying to get my 4k back, and I received the same letter from Spanish lawyers. Does anybody know what we can do re Guilio/Jordan, and basically trying to get our money back?


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                              as an investor who has dealt with giulio and bought an apartment in dubai. I was pleased with the service. I understand he was acting as an agent for the developers. When I contacted him re the euroneth venture which I saw in Investment Wiz site, I was told that he was an agent for them through Jordan Hands.

                              I paid £3000 directly into the developer's account and gave my details for a mortgage with the promise of a fantastic return which has not materialised.

                              I have been sent emails from giulio as it appears that he too has invested and is also pursuing for the return of his monies as well as mine.