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End of tenancy agreement - moving date

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  • End of tenancy agreement - moving date

    Hi All, no doubt another newbie here steaming straight in with a question.

    I need a bit of advice regarding the end of of our tenancy agreement. We signed a year's agreement with our landlord (although the landlord never did sign and return their contract I understand the terms we agree to apply as we have continued to live in the property and pay rent as per the contract). This agreement ends next week and we have been given notice of eviction accordingly.

    We have no formal agreement to continue the contract but we did originally verbally agree with the landlord we would stay on. The landlord however wanted to do things 'off the books' without a proper contract and without putting our deposit in to the proper scheme etc. Because of this and some other things that don't quite add up with our landlord we have decided to move out and would like to do so as quickly as possible.

    Our letting agent has advised us we have to give a months notice from our next rent date meaning we can not move out until one calendar month after our tenancy officially ends.
    As much as I don't want to annoy our landlord and cause problems for him he has been very disrespectful to us, constantly lied to us etc etc and I want to move ASAP. Apart from causing ill feeling (and possibly having to put up a fight for our deposit back because of this ill feeling) is there any legal obligation for us to stay on past our tenancy agreement end date? We've nothing in writing to say we'll be staying and we have been given a written notice of eviction to leave next week. If we were to up & leave would our landlord have any come back on us for not giving notice?

    Equally if we do stay the extra month with no contract or formal agreement is there anything to stop the landlord from kicking us out at a moments notice?

    Unfortunately I do not have any T&C's to refer to as we have never been provided with a copy of our tenancy agreement due to not returning his signed copy so I appreciate any advice given would be general and dependant on said T&C's

    Sorry for such a long post, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: sorry when I posted this I hadn't realised this section is for advice regarding buying/selling, perhaps a moderator could move this thread to the correct section - my apologies.
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