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Solicitors fee's quoted

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  • Solicitors fee's quoted

    We are in the process of purchasing our first property. We went to a solicitor's today. We were astounded to have been quoted over £1,000!!! Is this the norm??!!!

    This would include all the searches etc needed to buy our home.

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    How much did you expect it to be?


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      Around the £500-£600 is what it says to expect in all the books and leaflets we've been given.


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        We have just found a quote on the internet through "select conveyancing". This has halved the quote we originally had to £467.20. Where there is a HIP, this quote assumes that the necessary searches are included within the pack. How safe is it to use an online conveyancing company? Is it worth the saving / risk? Also when they say "searches" what are these searching for? If it is mains drains, sewage sytems etc, then this is in the HIP as we have viewed this online.


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          Like most things you get what you pay for, but some quotes you will get just wont add up, best thing to do is just shop around but make sure it has everything your going to need so you wont have to pay extra later.


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            OK, the solicitor who quoted you over £1000 is, I assume, on your 'high street', and local to you.

            The online conveyancer is unlikely to be local.

            Whatever documents you need to sign will likely be posted to you by the online conveyancer, and you'll have to post them back. With your high street firm, you'll drop in and sign them there.

            You'll be able to talk to your local sol face to face. You may be directed to a call centre with the online, or have difficulty reaching the same person every time.

            Why not go back to the high street sol, and talk to them. Ask them WHY they're charging more, and WHAT they're going to do for their fee. If they're going to do more than the onliner, then it might be money well spent. If not, try and persuade them that a fee closer to the onliner might be appropriate, and see if they'll negotiate.


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              ..and as 'Rob' said; (sometimes)

              "You get what you pay for."

              The converse of which is;

              "You don't get what you don't pay for."


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                Ok thank you both for your advise. Going to try an couple of others tomorrow, in my high street ( the online one is only 15 miles away in the next town anyway! ). I will try one that just specializes in conyeyancing. We can't afford to hang around now as want to get this property!!! Wish me luck!


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                  Found a conyeyancer in my town, only £10 cheaper than first quote but, mega nice ladies so gonna go with them! Bailey and Co.


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                    Great its helps to be able to put a face to who is dealing with the sale.