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Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

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  • Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

    Hi, our house has been on the market for 3 weeks and viewings have gone quiet. Feedback suggests the 3rd bedroom is too small (it is tiny). We have space internally to add an extra foot to the room which would make it just big enough for a single bed and a chest of drawers. We've never needed to so haven't bothered before now.

    We're in a very desirable culdesac where houses don't go up for sale often.

    Question is, will adding an extra foot to the room dimensions really help increase viewings and make it more appealing? The pictures aren't great so I'm sending some better ones to replace them with.

    We're on the agents website and right move- do any others get used by buyers? It's been a while since we last bought/sold...

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

    When you say you have space internally, where would that space come from? As in, would you be knocking down / moving a wall to get this space? If so, how will that affect the other room that is losing space?

    Rather than trying to "make" space, is there anyway you can utilise the room to make it look bigger or have an alternative use such as bunk beds or a cabin bed with a study area underneath?

    Would some well placed mirrors make it appear bigger?


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      Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

      HI Josephine,

      As estate agents dealing in sales and lettings we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to selling property and making them appealing.

      First off websites, The major website agents advertise on are Rightmove and Zoopla. if you are on Zoopla you are also on Primelocation, Daily Mail and a host of others.

      If your pictures are poor then i would suggest changing this straight away. Hopefully you agent has a photograph guide on how to present the property i.e. cars off drive way, lights on, tea towels hidden etc

      Also hopefully your agent is using a good camera with a wide angle lens to show all the room not just part of it.

      Other tips are, are you in the agents window, are you in the paper? Did they do a good write up?

      Then ask them how many people they have called and email about the property, what are they doing to get more people round?

      In essence what is your fee paying for? If you do not like the answers to the questions, then maybe it is time to look at changing agent. Cheapest is not always best (if indeed they are cheap).

      If after all that the property is not getting interest it maybe time to change the room dimensions. To be honest the property should sell without alterations in this market but this cannot be guaranteed.

      Good luck in your sale let us know what you decide and what the outcome was!
      Jacks and Jones Estate Agents


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        Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

        Thank you both for your replies. By creating space internally I mean moving an internal wall out by a foot- using wasted space from the hallway and over the stairs.

        The photos are what the estate agent took and he didn't bother turning lights on so they just look dark. The right move 'conversion' rate isn't great- I'm not sure what that means and the estate agents make us feel like we are just moaning. We went with them because they have a good local reputation. Hey say they have sent the details out to their database but clearly that's not enough.

        Thank you for the other website ideas. I'll take my own photos and add it to those sites too.


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          Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

          Also, I read online that if the contract doesn't state that you have a cooling off period, the contract is in fact void- is this true?


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            Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

            Hi Josephine, Looks like you are asking the right questions!

            If the Estate agent is giving you the impression you are moaning then i would change as they need to take all concerns as important to you (you are paying them after all!).

            Rightmove conversion rate can be a concern the average across the entire UK i believe is just 4.6% so if you are over 4% i would not worry too much. Basically the conversion is what % of buyers click into the property from displayed results i.e. If you are in 100 searches and you get 5 clicks to view full details of your property you are doing well.

            Price is a factor why you may get a low click through but as i previously said Pictures are an important factor.

            Yes by law you have 14 days cooling off notice. They should display this. Not sure if gives you the right to cancel if not set out (i would think it does) but worth a try.

            My advice would be look to relist the property and start a fresh. Have 3 agents out, see what your fee buys you in advertising, See who is the most professional and knowledgeable and also you get on with. Do not chose on just reputation or fee.

            If you want to post a link to your property up, i will be happy to give you some further advice re marketing presentation.

            All the best!
            Jacks and Jones Estate Agents


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              Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

              Thank you- I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond.
              The pictures are being changed as I type... The conversion rate last week was only 2.8%!


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                Re: Selling help- small 3rd bedroom?

                No problem, we are here to help!

                2.8% does sound low but could be down to pictures, if the front shot is bad or you have an unattractive house (sorry not seen it) try changing the main shot to an internal like a nice kitchen or maybe even a nice garden.

                Once you have exhausted all these options then look at price or the extending of the room.

                Good news is you have identified its a problem and you are sorting it not just leaving it
                Jacks and Jones Estate Agents