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My mother, sister and brother selling our inheritance properties behind my back....

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  • My mother, sister and brother selling our inheritance properties behind my back....

    Hi, I have a problem that I need help with. We have a family business and it has been established since 1932. I worked there for 31 years and because I was the only offspring in the family who had taken an interest, in my parents will they were leaving the business to me. We also have a house next door to the business that they were leaving to my twin brother and their house was going to be left to my older brother and my sister.

    But I became ill and couldn't continue running the business so I had to finish work. That was Nov 2011. After that we have been renting the business out and the house next door.

    My father passed away in Dec 2012 and my twin brother died in August 2013.

    The tenants in the house next door to the business moved out about 3 months ago and we all decided to have estate agents around to value the properties so we could sell up. We then offered the business for sale to the person renting it. We had decided to put the house up for auction.

    The estate agent valued the business property at £80,000 and the business itself at between £5,000 to £10,000 The house next door would go to auction and they said it would probably sell for over £50,000 and that we could put a reserve on it at £50,000 with a starting price of £40,000 to attract buyers.

    A house nearby had sold at auction a few months ago for £60,000 and we were told that it was in worse condition than ours.

    I had asked my mother what would happen with the money if we sold them and I was told that she would split it equal between herself, my sister, my older brother and myself.

    My mother offered the business for sale to the person renting it but he thought it was too much.

    Everything was going fine then one day out of the blue the person renting the business asked my mother to come down for a chat and he offered her £100,000 for the both properties.

    When she told me I was shocked that he had offered such a low price because the minimum I think we should accept would be around £120.000. The house needs a lot of renovation and I think would create a lot of interest for a builder. I think it could sell between £60,000 and £70,000.

    Well my mother decided that £100,000 was too low and she declined his offer but since then she kept on saying how sorry she felt for him and things like that and that she wished he had offered her more so she could sell them both with a quick easy sale rather than all the messing about.

    Now here is the problem. We were waiting for a slot in the next auctions and I couldn't understand why the estate agents hadn't been in contact with us to put the house next door to the business up for sale. When I asked my mother she told me that they had phoned and were going to get back to her. She seemed suspicious so I tried to quiz her but she kept saying that everything was fine and not for me to worry they would be getting back to her.

    As time has gone on and still nothing I have asked he a couple more times and she always wants to change the subject and asks me not to talk about it because I'm giving her a headache, everything is OK the estate agents are going to sort it out soon.

    Well today she has been asking me to print out copies of he driving licence and birth certificate because she needs them as proof to get my fathers will because she wants to change her will now and they need these so that she can get the deeds put in her name in order for her to sell the properties.

    Now I knew that something is happening and it looked like she was going ahead with the sale of the properties to the person renting the business all behind my back. When I asked about the estate agents she said that yes they are coming round to photograph and everything is OK.

    I asked her when and she said this week, I asked her have you given them the keys and she told me that the person renting the business was going to let them in. This I could not understand because why would he have a key.

    Now I definitely knew that I was being lied to and demanded to know what is going on.

    My mother told me that she was waiting for an improved offer and if he can go up to £110,000 for the two that she will sell to him. Then she told me that she is changing her will and that the new will will put myself, my sister, my older brother and my twin brothers son as inheriting the house next door to the business and that we would all get equal shares of this.

    Then she told me that the business would go to her and that she would get all the money from this and would give £1000 to each to all of her grandchildren.

    I then asked that if she sold the two properties for £110,000 how much would we get for the house next door and she said £40,000. (that would be £10,000 for me instead of £27,500). I then asked couldn't she give £50,000 which she said that she would think about.

    My question is firstly at 80 years old she seems to be not thinking as clearly as she should be and letting these two properties go for way too cheap. can anyone give me some opinions of about this.

    Secondly, I was on my fathers will as being left the business. If I hadn't become ill I would still be working there. I spent quite a lot of my own money on the place renovating and now it looks as if I am having nothing from it.

    All of this has gone on behind my back and when I have asked my mother what is happening she has lied to me over and over. My older brother hasn't wanted to talk to me and now I know why. I asked him what he thought earlier and he said they all think that the house may not sell for much at auction and he doesn't mind it being sold cheap.

    So the house next door to the business will be split between 4 of us but I think we could get form £60,000 to £70,000 at auction (from £15,000 to £17,500 each between 4 of us). So it looks like I will be losing around £5000 and do not know what I can do about it.

    The worst part is all the lies and nobody wanting to discuss anything with me. I am in complete shock at this and feel numb. I've lost my father and my twin brother and my family are doing this very important thing but have kept me in the dark (leaving me out of any discussions and lying to me).

    Has anyone got any advice? Is there anything I can do? Should I try to get some more estate agents to give their valuation of the house next door to the business and ask their advice. This is not a good situation I find myself in.

    I had to finish work because I was suffering from stress. If they didn't want to involve me in any decisions because they thought I would get stressed out I don't know or understand. I'm just in shock right now.

    Thanks for reading,