Hi, I'm selling a property. Love the house. It's been absolutely brilliant for me. But time I moved on.

I've had an offer. Accepted it. But now I'm panicking about the Survey.

The property will be paid in cash, as they buyers have paid their mortgage off.

So I assume they will instruct a surveyor which will examine the property better than a mortgage company would.

To what extent do surveyors examine properties? I'm sure it wouldn't be a full structural survey.

I have never used a gas fire, the home owners before shut the gas off for it. The central heating is more than enough so I've never needed e fire. Will the surveyor question why? I'm weighing up getting it looked at.

I do not have a damp problem at all, but my friend has used a damp meter and it reads positive in places. My view is damp is over egged. I have experienced no cosmetic problems. A house built 100 yrs ago will always come up with some damp surely?

Any generic tips to prepare house for inspection???

Many thanks