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bad vibes about my buyers

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  • bad vibes about my buyers

    Hi all

    Not sure if I'm just being paranoid and stressed. I would welcome other's thoughts/opinions.

    I am very keen to move for personal reasons, so I accepted an offer of almost 10% below my asking price. The offer was made on the basis that the property needs work doing to it (it's in good decorative order and generally a beautiful house but it's a grade II listed Georgian house and as an old house there's always something to do to it!). I accepted the low offer (which brought the property to below the 3% SD threshold thereby saving my buyers a small fortune) on the basis that there was no room for further reductions following their survey. They agreed to this logic.

    Initially when they made the offer we agreed a timetable of completion around early to mid September. However, a couple of weeks my EA contacted me to say my buyers need to complete on or before 1 August. I agreed to work towards this earlier date.

    Today I found out that they have arranged a full building survey for 3 July which will be only 4 weeks before they are wanting to complete (and over 6 weeks since I accepted their offer). Why would they wait so long for a full survey when they want to complete early?

    Is it just me being paranoid and over anxious, or does anyone else think there is something odd about the timings?

    All views/opinions welcome.

    Many thanks
    Full of angst (and I am!)

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    Re: bad vibes about my buyers

    Edit to above, is that the offer I accepted kept my buyers below the 4% SD threshold.


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      Re: bad vibes about my buyers

      The fact that they have arranged a full building survey may not be such a bad thing, as doing so will have cost them a bit. You could look at this as a commitment to how serious they are in buying.

      Suggest you ask them for transparency, ask them if they could just clear up a few questions for you (in a non confrontational way) you are just trying to have clarity about their intentions.

      Hopefully the full survey will not reveal any more problems and thus give them ammunition to attempt to drop the price even more.

      Perhaps you can (if you have not already) ask them to give you a written agreement on the price, so that whatever the report shows they can not drop the price further.

      Hope that helps?
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        Re: bad vibes about my buyers

        Many thanks for the reply.

        I've just found out that the surveyor has knowledge/experience of period properties, so feel a little better. It's just such a horribly nerve racking process isn't it? Obviously not the first time I've bought//sold, but I don't remember feeling as anxious on the other occasions and the whole uncertainty of the process makes me wonder how anyone successfully buys/sells... but obviously they do.