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No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

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  • No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

    Hi There,
    I'm new to this forum so please bear with me.....
    We've had our 4 bedroom detached house on the market since the 16th April, so 10 weeks today.
    In that time we've had 1 viewer and i'm becoming increasingly concerned. I know it's a tough market out there, but other properties in the town are selling like hotcakes. Now, I have to say that no other properties like mine (ie detached) have sold on our estate either, but these I feel, aren't as nice and are more expensive.
    We've held 2 open houses, the first one only 1 couple turned up who said the house was too big for them as they were downsizing, the 2nd, which was held this saturday, had no one turn up We've also dropped the price by 10k to 190,000
    The house is one that someone could just move into with nothing needing doing. It's got new windows and doors, new bathroom and kitchen, neutrally decorated - I just don't understand why we haven't even had any viewers!
    Every time I speak to the agent she tells me I just have to be patient, but this is hard to swallow when I see other agents are selling their properties.
    Although the house is advertised on Rightmove etc I'm not entirely convinced the agent is actively promoting our property. It may just be me being impatient, but I would have thought in 10 weeks we would have had more than 1 viewing (and this couple only came as they lived round the corner and saw the board go up)
    We're tied into a 16 week contract, so still have another 6 weeks to go.
    I'm just feeling very depressed as we needed to sell quickly due to a change in family circumstances and instead we're stuck in limbo....
    Is it still early days, or do you think we should have had more interest by now?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

    Just thought i'd post an update. After a bit of an argument with the estate agent we have decided to pull our house from the market until our contract runs out and we can go with another agent.
    It may have been a knee jerk reaction from our part, however when we tried asking the agent politely to let us exit our contract 2 weeks early (giving them the required notice) they point blank refused and instead got on the defensive almost making out like we were in the wrong for questioning what they're doing! They seem to think that 1 viewer in nearly 3 months in perfectly acceptable! To be honest they were just rude and I don't really want to do any more business with them.
    So, fingers crossed, a new promotion with a new agent may be what we need and the break between now and then will do us good,........ (i hope!)


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      Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

      drawthecurtainsuk, that is exactly what I had been doing. I was calling the agent every week however they gave the impression that I was being a nuisance and kept fobbing me off. Like I say, I have told them to remove the property from the market, which they have now done. I just have to wait 4 weeks before I can list it with another agent....


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        Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

        I don't understand why you have taken it off the market for 4 weeks and will then relist it with another agent. Surely better to leave contract to run and change immediately. It will give the impression it has sold and then when it comes back on people will wonder what was wrong it fell through - a problem with the house perhaps.
        I don't know if it is your agents fault without knowing the area, how many similar properties are for sale, whether or not yours is good value in comparison.
        If it is on Right Move and has had open house viewings with no success then strikes me something is wrong. If other houses are selling so well why didn't some of these buyers view yours, if only to compare.


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          Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

          Hi Snoozen82

          The Estate Agent is to blame if how they have marketed the property is not correct could be bad pictures our bad write up.

          If they have fully marketed it to its fully potential and still no viewings, it maybe the price.

          If you would like me to take a quick look for you send us the property details and will have a quick look.

          Kind regards Ray


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            Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

            Hi there,
            Thanks for your replies.
            drhouse - we removed it from the market as we didn't want to have any more dealings with this estate agent. They were rude and unhelpful and I don't want to do business with people like that. I know when it comes back on, people may think it was sold and came back on, however it never appeared as SOLD on rightmove and as we're coming back with a different agent, i'm hoping this won't be a detrimental factor.
            I think it was very poor to only have 1 viewing in 3 months and as much as the agent was saying it was marketed everywhere possible, I just don't think they have enough people on their books.
            Ray - i don't think its the price, as when it was on the market it was the cheapest 4 bedroom detached in our area and nicely presented with no work needing doing. Like I say, no other detached properties on my estate have sold either recently, however there have been 4 bed detached properties selling in other parts of the town which in my opinion are no where near as finished or big. What annoys me is that, like dr house says, why didn't those people even come to compare ours before going ahead with their purchase? I can't send you the link to our house as it is now inactive on Rightmove.
            The first day the property went on the market, it went on unapproved (pictures and writeup) It took 3 days for the correct pictures and write up to get updated and I'm wondering if this is what put people off. As even when they got updated, people had already discounted it....?
            It's just so frustrating as we needed to sell so urgently and felt we had priced as low as we really could go.....
            The new agent is coming round tomorrow to do new write up and pics, so that we're ready to go on the 6th Aug - I'm really hoping we have more luck with them!


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              Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?


              I had an offer on my 5 bed detached in 3 days (currently about to exchange contracts), so they only advice I can offer is what worked for us.

              Firstly, I believe most people look on rightmove these days then trail around estate agents - I never once physically went in one and found the house we were moving to on rightmove and then arranged a viewing - I never went on any lists. Thus the pictures and wording are essential are essential. Make sure its sunny day when they take the photos, put the lights on to give the illusion of more lights, ensure curtains are open and don't be afraid to tell the photographer what you consider to be the best rooms. Make sure the place is immaculate and clutter free, bathrooms shiny, so your home stands out - sell the dream!

              Tell the estate agent that you want to read the write up and see the pictures before it goes live - they can email details to you to delay this process. If you are happy with it - let it go live. people often use the filters on the site when looking, I know we did - i.e. setting it to only show properties newly listed in the last 3 days if they have been looking a while so the don't have to trail through all the ones they had already dismissed, so getting in on rightmove correctly is the essential.

              But don't be too dishartened. People generally know which are of town they want to be - for instance, we only looked in a certain area and dismissed all similar ones in other areas without viewing them even though they looked lovely!


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                Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

                Congrats on your house sale Swanlady!! I can only hope that when we go on with the new agent we get so lucky!

                You're exactly right that people filter on Rightmove to only view the recently added ones. I know I do!

                After the awful first pictures went on, it took 2 days for the new ones to get updated. By that time it had fallen off the recently updated houses and so people who were filtering would not have seen the new pics. In addition, when we dropped our price, this didn't bump our listing back to the top of the newly added properties and so people wouldn't have known we had reduced our price unless they went through the whole site.

                When I tried to explain this to the Estate Agent she kept telling me that was rubbish and that people seriously looking for a house would search the whole site and that they emailed people on their list with the new price. But what about those not on their list???? I got fed up of trying to argue with her!! She also couldn't tell me why our house wouldn't bump back to the top after a price change, even though this was happening with other houses they were advertising! They were truly useless!

                I did ask for a draft copy of photos and write up to be emailed to me before it went live. They didn't wait for my response before putting it live. The first I knew we were live was when another agent we had come round to do a valuation phoned me up and asked me why I'd chosen to go with another agent!! Talk about being put on the spot!! And when I saw what pics they had put on I was furious!

                Anyway, i fully take on board what you're saying and having spoken to the new agent, they seem to be on the same lines as this. They were supposed to be coming round tomorrow but just phoned and asked if they could change to a day next week as it looked like the weather would be rubbish tomorrow and they wanted some sunny pics!

                Fingers crossed!


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                  Re: No Viewers - is the estate agent to blame?

                  Well, the house is back on the market with the new agent. Today is third day and as yet, still no calls

                  The pics and write up are the best they can be i suppose, soI guess we just have to be patient.

                  Here's a link to the listing on Rightmove - any suggestions to improve would be appreciated

                  4 bedroom detached house for sale in Hintlesham Drive, Felixstowe, IP11, IP11