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2 viewings in 8 months, any advice?

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  • 2 viewings in 8 months, any advice?

    Hi everyone.

    Put our house on the market November 2010, had one viewing after a month. Changed Estate agent in april 2011, and got our first viewing with them last week.

    So overall had two viewings in 8 months with no feedback at all, in fact our viewers from last week are ignoring the phone whenever our agent calls to try and get feedback.

    In a nutshell we need to move away by october at the latest as my husband is starting a new job, so with that in mind we put it on the market at below market value in the hope we would get a quick sale.

    House across the road (same house as ours, size, specs etc) sold last week for 145k, ours is up for 115k, reduced from 120k. Our house is the cheapest three bed detached in our area. Only one other house in the area has sold recently a 2 bed semi for 60k so we dont really have much to compare ours with.

    If we ask estate agent for advice they tell us its the price and to reduce further, what I dont get is we are already the cheapest house, so I cant see reducing it more will make a difference

    Im starting to think that either A: theres something really wrong with our house, or B: Because our house is cheaper than the rest people are thinking there must be something wrong with it!

    Any advice please? Im starting to think that we should just sell to one of those "we buy your house in 7 days" companies.

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    Re: 2 viewings in 8 months, any advice?

    If the house across the road was exactly the same you need to get verification it was sold for 145. Was that word of mouth, hearsay or what ? Speak to the agent who sold it and ask questions. It could be the viewer you had bought it and , if so, why that one when yours is 30K less. Does yours need work, is the garden much smaller, does yours back on to something horrible or is it alongside a pylon or something?
    it is possible that people do think there is something wrong if it is really cheap. Personally I would want to see it though just to satisfy myself before buying another.
    Apart from speaking to the agent who sold that property though, speak to other agents as well for their opinion.
    2 viewings in 8 months is not good and I do have a feeling that there must be something else holding you back.


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      Re: 2 viewings in 8 months, any advice?

      Thanks for the reply. We know the person that sold they told us what it sold for. Ours is the exact same house, same sized gardens etc, the only difference is ours has a shower in the bathroom as well as the bath, we had the shower put in after we moved in, apart from that they are the same.

      No pylons, nothing to put anyone off on the street, end of a cul de sac in a small village, school and local shop is close by.

      We have had the garden done, new fence etc, painted the house in a cream colour, its clean and tidy etc so Im not really sure what else to do to be honest.

      If we had feedback that would be something as we would have something to go on, but as we dont we have no idea what is putting people off.

      Edited to ad: we are with the same estate agent as the houses that sold.
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        Re: 2 viewings in 8 months, any advice?

        OK if it's with the same agent ask them how they managed to sell that one for 30K more when they keep telling you you need to reduce the price. On paper if I saw one house at 30K less in the same street it would have to seem the better buy, even if it needed a new kitchen, bathroom, heating and windows !
        On the moving side though have you investigated new builds where you are going and if there are any part exchange deals ?


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          Re: 2 viewings in 8 months, any advice?

          Difficult situation, you have already done the two most common things; reduce the selling price and changed agents. It is a difficult time. What is the house like on the inside? Are the photos in the estate agents brochures doing the property justice? You have made a good point that because the house is the cheapest; people may think there could be something wrong. Have you tried to sell the property yourself on property web-site. Could you afford to rent it until the market takes an upturn if you need to be out by Oct
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