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Am I allowed to look at surveyors report

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  • Am I allowed to look at surveyors report

    A potential buyer is sending a surveyor to our house on Tuesday. When the surveyor is finished is it alright for us to ask them to have a look at what they have found? This is just in case the possible buyers doesn't tell us the whole truth when they receive it the same day.

    Now, although the buyer made a disappointing offer, we accepted it reluctantly as it looked like no one else would be interested. The only further discussion was to have everything done and dusted by the end of May 2011. That was about a month ago. They complained that they couldn't find a surveyor available until now. My husband and I don't believe this. We think they have 'bagged' our property while continued to look around.

    We're rather fed up with them for faffing around and feel they are a bit selfish. We feel they don't deserve the property. When they contact us after the survey is complete we would like to tell them that we have had a higher offer.

    Because, quite truthfully, since then we have had interest shown by another viewer who has offered us a little more. They have said that if the first couple pull out or if we can turn down their offer, we should call them and we will negotiate.

    Even after their survey can we tell them that we have been offered higher and would like to accept it. Surely this is not gazumping as no legal agreement was made or lawyers brought in.

    We have a better feeling about the second couple and feel they will still try to lower the price but we feel strong enough to handle it and still get a more suitable price.

    Does that sound right, fair and legal?


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    Re: Am I allowed to look at surveyors report

    Unless a contract is signed you are under no obligation to continue with the people who made the original offer, especially if you feel they are messing you around. Tell them someone else is interested and has offered more and see their response.


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      Re: Am I allowed to look at surveyors report

      Thank you for that quick answer, Blueroses. It does make sense.

      Will the first couple have to have paid their surveyors up front?

      If so, I think I shall say nothing and let the survey go ahead. I wouldn't want to anger them, despite their mucking me around.

      Will, I be allowed to be told its content?

      Thanks again



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        Re: Am I allowed to look at surveyors report

        Why are you scared of them? I would certainly tell them to go to hell if they treated me in that way. As for the survey they are under no obligation to share its contents with you as far as I am aware.