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Independent Unbiased Pre Sale Home Inspection

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  • Independent Unbiased Pre Sale Home Inspection

    Did you know that in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and whole lot of other Countries, Property Sellers or Homeowners would not dream of selling their property without first getting an "Independent Pre Sale Home Inspection" This is nothing whatsoever to do with the Property Purchaser's Surveyor's Inspection, not any Government pre sale inspection.

    This Homeowner's Pre Sale Home Inspection is to enable the Property Seller to evaluate work that needs doing around his/her property and to sort out any repairs and maintenance on the building before any potential Buyer turns up with his/her Surveyor. After everything has been sorted out (Building repairs etc) and the Homeowner or Property Seller is fully satisfied that everything possible has been done to adequately present his/her property for Sale; the Inspection "Report" is then made into beautifully illustrated colour brochure. The Property Buyer is then presented with this glossy Independent Pre Sale Home Inspection Report brochure, which grants the Homeowner greater leverage as to the price he/she wants to sell the property for.

    Over here in the UK, Homeowners seem strangely content to have a potential Buyer's Surveyor stomp all around their property, knowing full well that the Surveyors' Inspection Report is only going to work in the Buyer's favour! Then after probably being knocked down thousands of pounds because of some minor building faults gets ripped off by a quick-sale crazy Estate Agent, who will take anything up to 2% commission on the sale of the property, that equates to about five thousand pounds for a property worth 200k!!!

    Wouldn't it be better if Homeowners in Britain considered the "idea" that it would serve their interest to have a "Regulated Professional Builder" undertake an Independent Pre Sale Home Inspection on their property (Not a voluntary HCR Inspection) prior to putting their home on the market? As it is my sincere belief that good experienced Builders are perfectly suited for the job of undertaking such inspections and as has been my experience in the past, the Homeowner then employs that trusted Regulated Builder to undertake the work required.


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    Re: Independent Unbiased Pre Sale Home Inspection

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