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Strange Third Viewing Experience – is this acceptable?

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  • Strange Third Viewing Experience – is this acceptable?

    I am just wondering what other people think about this.

    My house has been on sale for just over a month and I’ve been fortunate enough to have several viewings in that time, good feedback but no offers yet.

    One particular couple came to view while I was away and the EA took them round.

    I was in when they came back a week later for a second viewing. They spent a lot of time walking round the outside before knocking on the door. They told me they were a cash buyer and interested in buying a property to rent out. I found their attitude belittling and quite unpleasant, they scrutinised everything, said very little and left abruptly. I was glad when they left.

    This week I my EA contacted me to say they wanted a third viewing on a specific day and time and that they wanted to bring a ‘Tradesman’. As I was working at that time I said it wasn’t convenient. The Agent came back to me and said that if I didn’t allow a viewing on that day or time they would ‘pull out’. I said if that’s their attitude, I didn’t care if they did ‘pull out’ its not like we’ve agreed anything anyway. The EA suggested that he show them round while I was at work so I agreed.

    After the third viewing my EA contacted me to say that the ‘Tradesman’ they brought round was an Estate Agent from another Agency.

    I can only guess at their motives, but I personally feel it was done in a very underhand sneaky way and they can't be trusted.

    Not having any experience of selling property before I would like to ask, is this a normal thing for prospective buyers to do?

    I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


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    Re: Strange Third Viewing Experience – is this acceptable?

    Bringing a 'tradesman' would not be that unusual if they wanted say, costings for a new kitchen or perhaps an extension. I would expect them to be upfront about the reason though. However bringing another estate agent is unusual unless they wanted advice about doing the property up and reselling. I do have a client I do a lot of business with who does ask for advice in that respect but I don't go to view. I have only once viewed on their behalf and that was because they were out of the country when the property came up for sale.

    I understand you being sceptical but if they make an acceptable offer then I would take it at face value - after all you may not like them but they wouldn't be living with you ! I would imagine that if they are taking the trouble to view 3 times then they are interested but it is your decision in the end.


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      Re: Strange Third Viewing Experience – is this acceptable?

      Thank you for your input drhouse, its much appreciated

      I will wait and see if they come up with an offer, although I'm expecting a low one if they do as the viewer was seeking out 'faults'. I am told by my EA that he and the other Agent that came told the viewer he was being picky and the 'faults' were just cosmetic. I also told that both Agents agreed that the asking price is set correctly.

      Thanks again.