Living room is considered the most important room in the house. It is the centre room of the house where all the family activities are made. As a result, a beautiful living room has a significant influence on selling your home and living room staging is obviously a very crucial aspect as well.

Here are some tips for staging your living room

#1. Decluttering

The first thing you need to do when staging is making your living room clutter-free. Remove all the personal items such as images, souvenirs, junk mails, … Just keep the necessities in the rooms so that home buyers can base on them to imagine how the room fits their furniture.

#2. Maximize windows

Home buyers love houses which have lots of natural light. Therefore, if there are any windows in your living room, open them to let the natural light lit the room. If possible, clean the window and make it like new, or you can decorate it with neutral window treatments.

#3. Seating

Living room is the place for entertaining, conversation, and gathering. Therefore, to let your home buyers feel the coziness and comfort of the living room, you can make use of the space and showcase seating such as couches, armchairs around a coffee table and end tables.

#4. Create a neutral space

A neutral-colored space creates a gentle and soft feeling of the room. It is more appealing to clients than bold or colorful paint colors. However, if to create a neutral space, you might have to invest into a new painting and it can cost you some. But the outcome will not disappoint you.

#5. Highlight focal points

Focal points can be fireplaces, built-in bookcases, large picture windows, or a chandelier. If your living room has those things, try to highlight them by showing them in the best light, do some touch-up on them to make them clean and clear.

#6. Virtual Staging

If your living room is empty, there is a cost-effective way to stage it. It is called Virtual Staging. Virtual stager will digitally add 3d furniture into the photos of your living room and beautifully arrange them. However, all is done on the photos only, no actual changes are made. Therefore, you need to let your home buyers know it in advance to avoid misunderstandings

Here are some sample tips to stage your living rooms. If you want to read more tips about home staging, visit this blog to read more!