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Dress Your House To Sell

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  • Dress Your House To Sell

    When you are considering how to ‘Dress your House to sell’ the key to remember is that you want to sell fast and for top money.

    It is essential that you take an objective look at how your property is presented. Once you have read through this guide and “Dressed Your House To Sell” ask one of your friends to come round and give you an independent opinion.

    One of the most important aspects to consider is that purchasers are buying a home not just a house.

    When my wife walks into a house the first thing that goes through her mind is: “Where is the Christmas tree going to go?”

    One last thing to bare in mind before you start this book:
    The purchasers of your property are ultimately trying to improve their lifestyle.
    They are looking to buy a new home and will be spending a relatively large amount of money on this purchase.
    If you present the property attractively it is more likely that your property will stick in their minds. If they find it more striking than other properties in the same price range, then even if they don’t offer straight away they will definitely be back for a second viewing.

    I always think about buying a new Television when I am advising people how to ‘Dress Their Homes To Sell’.
    Take this scenario:
    You go into an electrical superstore and find a model that suits your budget. It has all the features you want, but it is the only one left in the shop.
    It is a display model and has a scratch on the casing.

    2 thoughts suddenly rush through your mind.
    1) Do I choose another model?
    2) Do I ask for a discount on this model because it has a scratch?

    When you apply either of these outcomes to selling your property, your potential buyer will either buy another house, or make you an offer lower than you want to accept.

    There is a saying ‘Good First Impression’. This is vital to remember when selling a property during a recession. You want to ensure that the buyer falls in love with the property the very first time they see it.

    NOTE: The first time your buyer will see your home is from the outside. This might be in a newspaper advertisement, online or from just driving past the property and seeing the for sale board.

    The Front Of The Property
    The exterior of the property is very important and surprisingly, commonly forgotten about.

    Paint the front of the property, a fresh coat of paint will really brighten up the outside of any property.

    If the budget and need is there then a new front door is a good idea, however if the old door will suffice, then a fresh coat of paint would be a good idea.

    Make sure the front garden is immaculate with a nice path to the front door. Replace any cracked or broken paving slabs and ensure there are no unsightly weeds.

    The first thing that your buyer will see as they walk up to your front door is the windows. Ensure that if they are wooden, the timber is sound and freshly painted. If the property is suited to uPVC double glazing and the budget allows I would highly recommend you install them.However if you do nothing else to the windows accept for ensuring the glass is clean and free of smears you will certainly be heading in the right direction.

    Clean windows make the rooms look lighter and brighter

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