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    Selling advice please:

    We have been on the market for 4 months now, we have had two offers in the first 3 weeks of marketing, but our buyers cannot sell their own properties , after 3 months of being on the market. We at first 20 viewings in first two months and nothing since.

    We are underpriced in value and have just reduced again. We will also consider additional price reductions in the next few months.

    We really need to move for many reasons, but at least we have no morgage.

    What other options are there: We looked at home buyer type companies
    , but they seem to be very doggy (one or two on Watchdog) and will only give us 70-80% of our house value.

    Checked out selling to local housing assocs and even the council.
    We do not want to rent the house out.

    Are there any other possibilities we have not yet considered??
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    As you say, the Home-Buyer and Rent-back types are best avoided - they'll be offering below market value, and, should they be renting back to you, once they have ownership, if they go bust, you get repossessed.

    Two offers in first three weeks isn't at all bad. It suggests your selling agents did their work well in pricing your home correctly, advertising it well, and pulling the right kind of buyer in. Unfortunately your 4 months has straddled all the adverse publicity and issues with building societies not being so generous with their lending; which may be why your buyers can't sell!

    The tail-off in viewings might mean that your selling agents have eased off now that you've been on the market a while, so you should be leaning on them to step up the marketing efforts, whether through the internet, high-street promotion, press advertising, or various other avenues.


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      Hi there my name is andy swinton co founder of Sale Swift ltd a specialist in the buying of UK residential property I am not here to advertise my services, however after reading your post I would like to raise a few issues with which may help.

      As you must be aware selling on the open market at this time is not impossible but difficult 100% mortgages have disappeared of the market, interest rates have increased considerably and property prices on average have dropped 8% in one year. 4 months ago things were bad however they were not as bad as this, hence maybe the amount of viewings you were receiving.

      What I would suggest to you is that if you can wait another 6 months plus you should find a new estate agent that knows your area well. If you find one make sure you do not sign a sole agency agreement meaning that you can only sale your property through them, so if you sale with another agent they will want their commission, a multi agreement is much better who ever sales it gets paid.

      If you really need to sale your property quickly the only real option is to sale your property privately and keep the estate agents money for yourself. I understand what you are saying there are a lot of doggy companies in the property business however this is the case with all business you just need to do your research, make sure you don’t agree to anything that you do not understand and always seek independent legal advice.
      We at Sale Swift do not charge you one penny for are services we will pay for a valuation and once we make an offer we always honour it, we even pay up to £500 of your legal fees. If this is something which may interest you check us out here [spam removed] hopefully we can help.


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        "... not here to advertise my services...."

        Yeah, right.

        Likewise, I'm not here to point out flaws in anyone's marketing strategy, but Andy; if you're going to promote your company in an open forum such as this, then either get yourself a proof-reader, or assign the task to someone in your company with better grammatical skills.

        "doggy companies" ?!?!


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          How about a little bit of online exposure

          Hi we are a online sales company we provide a unique service in allowing our customers to have a video of their property appear on page 1 on google with their chosen search phrase.Type these phrases into google to check us out

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          Property For sale in Kingston Upon Thames

          If you have checked out a few of the phrases, you can see its not a scam, we are the marketing team of a large travel company.


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            I typed in "2 bed flat for sale in south west london " and "Property For sale in Kingston Upon Thames" - copy/pasted from your post to avoid spelling mistakes ....

            Google returned 11 sponsored results, and 10 organic for the first phrase, and only 3 sponsored results for the second. Some of the organic results are pages from primelocation, some RightMove, some KnightFrank. I don't recognise many of the others.

            If I'm missing something really obvious (it's late), I apologise for the following, but;


            All we know about you is your username - you haven't told us your domain name, your business name, or anything else which will allow us to determine if you are actually getting good placings for your clients' chosen phrases.


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              Lol!! I doubt it's Rightmove spamming these forums.