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Seal the Deal by preparing your Home for a Sale

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  • Seal the Deal by preparing your Home for a Sale

    The presentation of your home is becoming more and more important in the fierce arena
    Of today’s slowing UK property market, demand is low and supply is on the upside and this can only mean one thing, competition! And when you’ve got competition there’s only one thing to do, up your game. So how does this relate to preparing your house for the selling process and viewings?
    Well, it is often said that property is a numbers game and despite a potential recession this is still true, the only difference is the numbers to play with are not so good, the viewings will not be so frequent and offers made not as high. In such times then you need to turn what may be a piece of carbon into a diamond, give your home that extra sparkle, but not how you want it to sparkle rather how masses would prefer to see it, from the outsiders perspective.
    This is the trick, you have to de-attach yourself from what was your home and ask yourself the question ‘What will make my property appeal to as many people as possible?’ now not everyone has great taste and not everyone has awful taste but the fact is people do! To accommodate this its best to find a balance, and in order to
    do this the main and most effective way is to neutralise the tones of decoration through-out the house. Here is a summarised check-list to make sure you tick all the boxes and give your property the edge over your competition.
    • De-Clutter – We’ve all heard the saying ‘One mans junk is another mans treasure’ well the opposite is also true. One persons treasure is another’s junk, so put your junk away and let your potential buyer to have space to envision how their new home is going to be.
    • Do D.I.Y/ Repairs- Its amazing what a difference a little bit of snagging to your property can do. Clean the moss out the gutter, replace that broken roof tile, give your front door a fresh coat, re-gloss your skits and whatever you do don’t have carpet in your bathroom!
    • Neutralise – As we said before repaint that weird and wonderful colour on your kids room wall with buttermilk or magnolia, replace the worn carpet in the hall, get a neural tone bed sheet and whatever you do, show no sentiment!
    • Depersonalise- Take the family tree of pictures off the wall, put your exercise gear in the garage and bike out the hall, don’t worry you can put them all back after the viewing, you want the viewers to remember their future home, not the picture of you when you where 8 years old and freckly!
    • Check Curb Appeal- People forget all about the outside, mow your lawn and cut the hedges, fix the broken gate. Do a dummy run of what the viewer will see and eliminate anything you feel may catch the eye or put off you potential buyer
    • Scrutinize- Take a walk around your house, open and close doors how does the house feel and smell? Is it inviting, warm and welcoming or make you want to go in the front door then straight out the back! How does the room impact you and does it have pizzazz, if not polish that diamond!

    It’s a hard thing to do to a house you may have lived in for many years but doing the little things make the big differences, besides how badly do you want the sale? Get ahead of the sellers currently struggling to sell.

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