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Admin Fees?????

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  • Admin Fees?????

    Hi all!
    Looking for some quick advice! Having rented a house for the last year, my 12 month tenancy contract has come to an end. i was contacted by the estate agent and told that the rent would be going up from £625 to £650, this is not the problem. On top of this they want to charge me £90 inc VAT admin fee for changing the contract. This infuriates me as they are changing the contract,
    Can i refuse to pay this fee?? what are my options? if we move we will end up having to pay another admin fee at the next estate agents?
    how can they get away with this? money for nothing!

    any advice would be appreciated!!


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    Re: Admin Fees?????

    Surely you were told about the fees before you moved in. If not use that as an argument.

    The other option is to ask for a periodic tenancy (month to month) which is what your tenancy will become automatically if you don't sign another contract.


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      Re: Admin Fees?????

      Exactly. They should tell you about the VAT inclusive fee. I heard that kind of situation a lot, so I shouldn't be surprised.


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        Re: Admin Fees?????

        Hi guys, I just moved from surrey to kent and my agency wants to deduct a check out fee from my deposit. They did not let me know the amount until the very last day saying its 100£ plus vat. This fee was not mentioned in the contract, but in terms and conditions without any sum indicated, just saying the tenant is liable for check out fee. In February I've extended the contract and had to pay £180 as tenancy renewal fee which was not justified by the contract or terms and conditions. What do you think, can i refuse the deduction from my deposit and can I offer them to recover such fee from previously paid tenancy renewal fee? By the way the agency are complete morons, they enter themselves to the property while I'm still in, they conduct regular property inspections together with the landlord and her extended family and ignore me when I tell them that visits on a particular day is inconvenient. I pay on time and improved the property. To be honest just fed up with ignorant people and want to teach them a lesson.


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          Re: Admin Fees?????

          Hi Joz,

          As letting agents we do have renewal tenancies and we do not charge for them, however some agents do and they are within their rights BUT this must have been stated in yours fees schedule when you took out the tenancy and they must be seen as fair and just.

          You could say to the agent you are not willing to pay them and they will have to find a new tenant but chances are they will not mind as they will make more money off the new tenant coming in.

          You can rent another property but don't forget you will have to be refereanced, credit checked and more admin fees to pay.

          Best of luck with whichever route you choose!

          FYI - 12345, A letting agent needs to give you 24 hours notice and still obtain your permission to enter the property. If this is not done you can (if needed) report for harassment and trespass.
          Jacks and Jones Estate Agents


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            Re: Admin Fees?????

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