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Quick guide on how not to get ripped off by landlords

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  • Quick guide on how not to get ripped off by landlords

    I have been ripped off so many times, so I thought this will help you and save you months or years of pain. If you find this helpful just let know anyone, thanks to unternet we tenants we can finally know what happens in this world. These problems they will pop up at night especially, or during the summer, or you will find out about them after a few weeks, so you won't see them when you pay for the rent. So before paying ask the neighbours, don't be shy, ask them what they think, if you ask the landlord or agents they will assure you there is no problem at all with the property and they will ripp you off with a big smile on their faces. After you sign the contract you might want to escape from the property (mice, insects, neighbours shouting, etc) but if you decide to run away you are going to lose the money of your deposit, this and all sort of problems happened to me, so be careful.
    1) Make sure you sign the Tenancy agreement and receipts, many landlords avoid contracts so they don't have to declare anything and don't have to pay taxes.
    2) If you see an old carpet or an old shower without a single tap for mixing hot and cold water it's always a bad sign. When the property looks old it's usually a rip off, the landlord should take care of it, he's responsible for it and there is no excuses to save some money without refurbishing everything.
    3) Take only wooden floor or tiles, it's much more hygienic and easier to clean. Carpet actracts insects, they thrive on it. Carpet might be ok only if you change it often but you need a lot of money for it.
    4) Ask if there were any mice, insects, rats or any sort of pest.
    5) Are the bills included in the rent?
    6) Is the hot water working? Is the boiler working and is it too noisy?
    7) Leaking water somewhere? Check carefully ceiling and walls, if they have dark spots it means there was leaking water or mould, and landlords might refuse to fix it because they want to save money or they want you to run away and break the contract and make you lose the deposit.
    8) Ask openly if you lose the deposit or any money if you leave before the end of the contract, or ask if they can write in the contract that you can leave before the end of the contract if there are problems.
    9) Is there a washing machine?
    10) Make sure there are no neighbours shouting and yelling like animals near your flat, don't try to ignore them, they will make your life a real nightmare.
    11) Is there a cooker?
    12) Aerial cable for tv and telephone connections.
    13) Is Council tax included?
    14) Is it self-contained for real? Or the shower and the toilet are "very close" to your flat?
    15) Is there a window in the toilet? Make sure that you can open it.
    16) Don't take any top floor if there is no insulation, they might be too hot during summer. This is very important. Also rats, mice and insects normally pop up in a top floor.
    17) Bills for water?
    18) Bills for electricity?
    19) Bills for gas?
    20) Is there enough storage and space?
    21) Who is the landlord? Ask it openly, name and surname, don't be shy again.
    22) Knock at neighbours to say hi, have a chat and ask them if is a nice house etc.
    24) If in the ads you read they don't accept men they are discriminating against 50% of population, for them it might be easier to deal with women, but If I were a woman I would never answer to an ad that discriminate against men. If in the ads they don't accept people on benefit that's because the landlords don't want to declare anything and avoid the taxes, and they are tarring everyone with the same brush, or they don't want to accept them because they associate people on benefit with troublemakers. There should be a law that force landlords to accept men and peope on benefit, but unfortunately there is no such a law yet.
    25) If landlords continue to ignore your problems take legal action or go to a Housing Advice centre.

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    Re: Quick guide on how not to get ripped off by landlords

    Oh and dont for get to pay your rent