As a landlord, getting a ‘good’ tenant for your property rentals in Edinburgh is the most important phase of the lettings process. The tenant must be someone you will trust & faith to look after your most significant asset, alert you when something goes wrong with your property, and pay their rent on time every month. So, how do you start finding your perfect tenant? Here I have put together some top tips to assist you find the ideal tenant for your rental property.
Allow these tips:
  • Provide a quality home
  • Fair rent
  • Advertise everywhere
  • Individual viewing
  • Tenant reference checks
What makes a 'good' tenant?
As per the survey 99% of landlords said they are satisfied with the caliber of tenant found for their property.
  • Look after the property as if it is their own
  • Live in the property long-term
  • Pay their rent on time, every month
The definition of a good tenant really depends on what you are looking for as a landlord. These tips will save your time.