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Lazy Landlords looking for easy cash?

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  • Lazy Landlords looking for easy cash?

    I think the common problems with the apparently high number of 'dodgy' landlords out there is quite simple.

    1. A lot of Landlords I have met or known, got into this line of business thinking they could make easy money without actually having to do anything to earn it. Running any business will always involve some kind of work - even if it means carrying out repairs or evicting problematic tenants. At least Landlords won't have to work full time hours, which is a lucky position to be in.
    2. Landlords automatically disrespect their tenants. This is because the landlord thinks he or she is doing the tenant a favour by renting his/her property. The landlord instinctively looks down on the 'desperate' tenant because he/she (the landlord) thinks the tenant is irresponsible for not working hard enough and buying their own home (as the over-worked landlord did all those years ago). However, once the 'hard working' landlord sees the tenants name appear on his/her mobile he/she thinks "oh no, the tenant needs me to sort something out - I better hang up or ignore the call". Landlords believe that no one has to work as hard as they do.
    3. Landlords often buy the cheapest materials and get their 'mates' to carry out any repairs. This is why they attract the worst tenants. A good tenant will not rent a dump that falls apart. Would any landlord live in the property he/she rents out?
    4. Most landlords have never rented themselves as they lived in times when properties were much cheaper and jobs were much more plentiful (or they inherited a lot of cash/properties etc). Without that experience they will never be able to empathize with, or comprehend the simple requests of a decent tenant. Tenants and landlords are from completely different worlds.

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    i used to live in a house were the roof fell in. The landlord siad we should stay in the house till the roof got fixed and all of us (me wife 2 kids) should all move through to the bedroom for a couple of months. She was a bitch i must say. Any way I got her to move us to a flat in an undesirable part of Dundee which was realy bad and i hated every minute of it. She was a dodgy landlord just in it for the money.. didnt give two craps about us ... never got anything done from her .. the living room door was hainging off, the boiler was constantly losing pressure and the place had wet mould on the back wall which she had painted over.. soon came back but she didnt care.

    BTW her company went bust recently, wonder why?


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      Forgot to say her rent was a total joke and rip off too


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        Re: Lazy Landlords looking for easy cash?

        Whilst there are some landlords are jokers, you will find a lot of experienced professional landlords. You need to know where to find them, worse still is where you get an unprofessional landlord and a unprofessional letting agent you are in for some shoddy service. Experienced landlords often have established methods of finding tenants.


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          Re: Lazy Landlords looking for easy cash?

          I just rented a flat. Flat was in absolute disaster. But as i saw the potential in the property , i was prepared to clean and do a little decoration to it and it would be fine. So i am on the tenancy agreement for two days now and can not move in because i just find out that there are bedbugs in the property. My biggest worry is that there are bed bugs in other properties around and everybody is fine with that. as i have a baby and furniture is all mine i am worry to move inn. Does anyone knows what can i do about this situation? Thank you


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            Re: Lazy Landlords looking for easy cash?

            I agree King James, it is tough to be a landlord, I was myself a long time ago. There is a fine line of where to draw the line. I got a call from the tenant because the light bulb had blown, I went round to fix it but unfortunately I made a rod for my back and the phone was never on the hook. Sometimes people need to take responsibility for their own actions to. At the end of the day, you can always vote with your feet.


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              Re: Lazy Landlords looking for easy cash?

              I've had terrible and good experiences. The landlord of my current place tried to jack up the rent by another 5.2% (citing the RPI rate as a yardstick) after just 1 year. I couldn't believe my ears as I had last year already offered to pay a higher rate of rent (4% above the asking rent) in order to secure the place immediately (I had been the first to view the place). With this expected 5.2% increase, she would have achieved 10% increase in rent within ONE YEAR.

              I concluded that I will never offer a higher asking price ever again even if I was under time pressure. Some landlords are so greedy they don't appreciate a tenant's goodwill and won't return the favour.