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Mra lettings north east england

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  • Mra lettings north east england

    I would like to seriuosly adivese people looking to rent a property within the North East area do not decide to rent with MRA lettings. I have recently rented a home in the South Tyneside area only to find that it had no hot water, un working electricity sockets and the backdoor did actually not work which means that I have one exit to a house in which a 2 year old also shares with me. The boiler then leaked al caused damp throughout the downstairs of the entire house. 3 weeks later non of these problems have been solved although I have rang them everyday and sent two letters to the manager in which have been ignored. I am now seeking legal advice and hope that the where finally be a result off this cow boy company. I would like to ensure that no more people make the same mistakes as me!!!!!!!

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    Are they a member of any governing body, if they are report them


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      I rented a house in shields from thems and they never returns me calls and they still have the bond and says I cant have it but give no reson- they are rubbish and should be avioded


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        I rented a property through them, however, the owners decided to fire them and get with someone else. They took no responsibility for anything, they also tried to get me to do things which they should have sorted asap. How these cowboy companies keep on going is beyond me. My advice: Stay well clear of MRA, nothign but bad news.

        I'm always suspicious about companies who have such blatant lies on their websites, but I never saw it until I had signed the contract as we went through a 3rd party website for the property.


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          Re: Mra lettings north east england

          Great I was just looking for somewhere to tell people about these!
          We rented a house from them in March of last year, first few weeks were fine, then the trouble started.
          Reported all problems as asked, phone calls were not returned, problems took weeks to solve. Unhelpful and sometimes rude. Stupid excuses as to why things were not getting done.
          Reported a mold problem on the living room wall with 3 weeks of moving in. Mold problem still there when we moved out friday just gone. So 15 months. Mold nows covers 1/4 of the living room wall from floor to ceiling.
          There was no gutting on the house when we moved in. Took until end of October to get put up in the meantime because of the rain the pebbledashing fell off the back of the house.
          The shower leaked through the ceiling August time, thats still not been sorted. Mold up in the bedroom.
          Just rang them to find out how to apply for the deposit. They are trying to chage us for 5 days extra rent even though they changed the locks so thats 5 day we were not in there and they also NOW decide to tell us that we owe them £40 from NOVEMBER!!!
          Hello maybe you should have told us but what happen was we continued to pay rent when we applied for housing benifit when we both lost our jobs. We continued to pay and it wasnt until the council contacted us demanding money back it turns out the letting agency had been paid twice. Once by us once by council and didnt bother to mention anything.
          Arrangents were made, rent reduced so we could get the money back to pay the council.

          What a right bunch of clowns.

          Please BE WARNED and stay well clear!


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            Re: Mra lettings north east england

            Castledene would be my choice in the North East although I don't think they yet cover up as far as South Tyneside.

            On the matter of testimonials, its often said that these are the measure of a company. However, you can never be quite sure if the company has obtained them through good work or just plain made them up.

            Thats the beauty of the web and social media, long tails are built up over time and reputations grow.


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              Re: Mra lettings north east england

              Unfortunately there is good and bad in every company. The problem is that anyone with an axe to grid can easily vent their spleen whether it be true or not. As a past landlord I cant help thinking that half the retarded banter about any company like this is the age old "woman scorned" routine.

              Pinch of salt springs to mind!