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  • Warning

    hi i am new this site but not new to investing in the property market. i have over 22 years of experience and seen 2 booms and 2 busts...

    this bust is different and i will tell why tomorrow as my coffee has come to an end.

    need to go out for my 1 hour power walk.

    bye till tomorrow

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    i thought i send my secoond post.

    the property market as you all know is heading one way and thats south.
    theres no way if you think recovery is in sight. if you are a first time buyer i would like to say a few things, firstly there is no such thing as a property ladder this is the only country that leads you to believe this it's all a markets hype. you buy a home when you want and that's it, but the good news to you all first time buyers is if you wait and wait longer hold out really bleed the investors who were responsible you will get the price you want and i mean that. for the next 6-7 years prices can come down way down. you see we don't have a industry here to support prices and let me tell you why the prices were high in the first place....cheap credit..our government allowed this to happen...why did it allow you may ask.....well our manufacturing died ages ago then there was only one thing create a spending economy and spend spend and spend.

    you see now there isn't any more spend it's run it's 9 year cycle and now things will get worse and worse and believe me we will become a nation dependent on outsiders.

    i will let you all in on later.

    i will say one thing avoid buying a flat to either to live in or rent....flats are danger to wealth remember this and you can't go wrong.