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Repossessions Soaring...

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  • Repossessions Soaring...

    UK Repossessions Expected to Continue in 2008

    The news is unavoidable. No matter where you turn chances are good you’ll hear talk of the serious problems UK property owners are facing. From upwardly adjusting mortgage rates to borrowers who are 30-, 60- and even 90-days in arrears to mortgage defaults and repossessions, UK property owners are taking a hit from all sides.

    How bad will it get?

    Many fear that the situation will get worse before it gets any better. Will it be as worse as it was back in the early 90s? That depends on whom you listen to.

    Some say the situation already is as bad while others insist that a return to this earlier scenario simply isn’t possible. They point to 2 key differences as proof: Today’s interest rates versus the double-digit rates that were common 15 years ago, and the recent run-up in home values that has helped property owners build equity which they can draw upon to help ease their burden.

    It’s nice to put a positive spin on the situation. However the thousands of property owners facing repossession would probably not agree with this sugar-coated news.

    In an effort to ward off repossessions, most have already eliminated unnecessary spending. The cutbacks were enough for some however the continually increasing interest rates – along with escalating costs for petrol, utilities and other necessities – have made it impossible for others to afford higher mortgage payments.

    The belief that they would sell their property before their variable rate mortgages adjusted or use their home equity to refinance into a fixed rate mortgage has yet to turn into reality either. What is reality is that the downturn in the housing market has left a huge segment of property owners scrambling for relief, often to no avail.

    Tips to avoid repossession

    Is there any hope for those property owners facing the possibility of repossession? Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Here are some tips that may help you avoid repossessions.

    First, talk with your lender as soon as you think you’ll have a problem making your mortgage payments. Don’t wait until you fall behind on your payments. But even if you have, it’s still important to discuss your situation with your lender straight away. Be honest and be realistic.

    Most lenders are willing to make alternate arrangements whenever possible because it costs time and money to enter into property repossession proceedings. If you are able to negotiate more favourable terms, be sure to uphold your end of the deal.

    Another option is to sell your home. If you take this approach realize that it’ll be difficult to get the price you might have gotten for your property a year or two ago. Times have changed and you won’t be the only one attempting to sell.

    However, if you can get enough from the sale of your property to pay off your debt you can avoid foreclosure and protect your credit from further damage. You’ll then be able to make plans to start over without all the financial pressure.

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