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Seperate Residential mortgage for husband and wife

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  • Seperate Residential mortgage for husband and wife

    Dear members

    This is my first post to the forum. I have been a silent follower and active user and appreciate the contributions. Now I need some help and though the lovely fellows here will have some input.

    I live with my wife in a rented accomodation and both of us work full time.

    My wife wants to buy a house on residential mortgage as sole ownership which she will pay for (deposit+mortgage installment etc). I intend to live with her for now. But I do not want to be on the mortgage or any sort of documentation for several reasons like I want my credit history not affected by this, I want open choice to have my own mortgage and I don't want relationship changes affect anything.

    Our marriage is not registered in the UK but another country. I am not sure what constitutes a 'legal marriage'.

    I want to know:
    1. Do I have to be named on the mortgage she takes? (as contributor)
    2. Do I have to be named on house title as a tenant and how does it affect me and my mortgages in future?
    3. Can I buy a house on my own name as residential mortgage at later stage, let's say 2 years later? I will live in it time to time as I need my own space sometimes as I am home based worker. I might also want to rent it out.

    I have been told you can not get separate residential mortgages which sounds odd to me. If both of us earn good enough to afford it, why not?

    I would like to know what the actual situation is. If its not possible, what are alternatives or workarounds. I know there are always those loopholes and ways to avoid funny laws.

    All help much appreciated.


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    Re: Seperate Residential mortgage for husband and wife

    Hi Meltingfire,

    Your best bet would be to speak to a good mortgage broker. Get your wife to talk to one too. They know mortgages like the back of their hands' (brokers) so your question should be an easy one for them to answer.

    Good luck!

    BTL mortgage broker and free landlord resource


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      Re: Seperate Residential mortgage for husband and wife

      Hi AM,

      In answer to your questions, it's true that most lenders will not permit a married couple to apply for a mortgage in just one of their names - but I know of a lender who will accept your wife as the sole mortgage applicant with you only being named as an occupant.

      This means you will not be named on the mortgage or property title deeds - and hence you would be permitted to obtain your own residential mortgage in future.


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        Seperate Residential mortgage for husband and wife

        Hi I also have a similar question.

        2 years ago when we were not married, we bought 2 off-plan property separately. Both of the properties are due to completion this year, and we are married this year, now we are thinking about applying for mortgages. can we have 2 residential mortgages? So he apply one residential mortgage for his property by using his salary, and I apply for one for my property by using my salary? My salary and his salary are enough to afford two properties separately.

        I heard about it is not legal for one household to have 2 residential mortgage, is it true?

        Please let me know! thank you so much!


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          Re: Seperate Residential mortgage for husband and wife

          You could mortgage one as a main residence and one as a 2nd home.

          So yes it is possible