I'm trying to get a buy to let mortgage to buy out my brothers half share in a flat we co-own. There is no current mortgage (we own it outright) and it's valued at around £130,000, though he will accept £60,000 for his half. The issue is that I have no current income and the flat that was previously rented out for years has not been rented out for the past twelve months (I won't go into the reason why here). I do however have £20,000 of savings and next to no overheads for my personal living expenses as I'm living in a family home.

Getting a mortgage is proving to be tricky due to the aforementioned factors (I've found a couple that don't require the income, but they do require the flat to have been rented for a period of time in the last year). I'm convinced there's an option out there, so if anyone could recommend a provider that would meet my requirements I'd be eternally grateful. Failing that, pointing me in the right direction of the best online comparison tools that would be suitable for my requirements (preferably with a filter for minimum income level) or forum's where I may be able to get assistance would be much appreciated. As a last resort mortgage broker recommendations are also welcome.