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Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

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  • Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

    I am an estate agent in London - been working with an established friend/client to properly tosh up a house in Bayswater for rent.

    Thanks to cost overun on plumbing/electrical work we are approaching completion on a VERY tight budget. The house is post war , and with white walls, clever lighting and light oak solid floors is going to look very smart.

    The house will be let fully furnished for short and long lets. target market is 30/40 ish city banker/ corporate lets.

    Our problem is getting some interesting art/paintings/????? on the walls. Ideally we need BIG colour / modern. Budget is a MAJOR issue.......and the last thing we want to do is wander along the Bayswater Road hawkers on a Sunday lol

    Any help or suggestions gratefully received.

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    Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

    ^ Ok forget I said I was an EA!! Is there anyone can help with some advice on this one????


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      Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

      Try ebay - you might get a nice Tracy Emin !

      Seriously google modern art and I am sure you can come up with sites who do really nice prints or contact a local college or Arts society


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        Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

        Haha. Reminds me of an ashtray I liberated many years ago from the Pharmacy restaurant in Notting Hill - tiny little made in China glass thing, worth 50p I guess. It made 350 quid on e bay!

        I have googled a bit "reproduction modern art" and found a couple of sites. Chatted on line with two of them. One of them has suggested using some Rothkos - eg Mark Rothko light Red over Black seems a cool way to get some BIG colour into the rooms plus i need bespoke sizes.

        I've ordered half a dozen to kick off with - will let you know how I get on.


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          Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

          They look ok but don't you think you could have bought some canvasses and done the same thing yourself. Who would have known ?

          Oh God I have just given myself away as an Estate Agent now !!


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            Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

            It did occur to me - a roller brush and three tins of dulux - apparently his work sells for millions. Mystery. Mind you it's a mystery why anyone would pay 5M quid to live in Notting Hill.

            Also ordered a Jason Pollock "composition mit blau" proving that I must know shed loads about art n stuff (I'd never heard of him till a couple of days ago) - although I think a five year old throwing paint at a wall could acheive a similar result..........

            Check it out! Seriously though if theyre any good then we'll have done what we needed to.


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              Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

              You obviously don't know shed loads cos its JACKSON Pollock (Jason is his brother who does those lovely artexed ceilings)
              That one is cool though and I am sure it will have the desired effect. BTW that 'Naked Man with a Knife' is a bit nightmarish although might work well in Broadmoor dining hall !


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                Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

                You can try online listings link this url: www(dot) gumtree (dot) com/london/paintings-for-sale_691_1.html


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                  Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

                  Obviously you'll just be buying prints and repro's due to budget restraints, you can get these anywhere, Habitat, Ikea, on line, markets etc, etc. If your friend wants something a little more orig keep a look out for the next affordable art fair, or for desperate art students who will sell their (maybe in the future valuable) work for not much.
                  I must say I'm envious I love embellishing the home with those little extra's that give it character.
                  Looking for a large mortgage?


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                    Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

                    Thanks for the heads up on the artex guy I'm an estate agent not Brian bl$$dy Sewell.

                    We've gone and put a great big graffiti painting in the living room circa 4'x6' and it looks great. I'm turning into an art connoiseur I reckon.


                    It's the earth - apparently. But of course you knew that already

                    Meanwhile the London market is not exactly buzzing.....


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                      Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

                      Glad it's coming along. I am in Scotland so the most art I ever see is tartan shortbread tins

                      Our market here is not just not buzzing it is absolutely static. It doesn't help that I have had to close the office since last Saturday as I am trapped at home by mountains of snow. Having said that all the office calls are diverted to my mobile and I have only had about 12 calls in three days and a few of them were trying to sell me something.

                      Where will it all end ? I may have to buy some art books and start painting singing butlers.


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                        Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

                        Time for a holiday I reckon. London might survive the next year or two but I've serious doubt about the SW of England where I live. The clever clients I've dealt with for years in London are selling. That tells me something.

                        On the cheap art front its a good way to sort a corporate letting type flat or house. Couple of pointers i'd share:

                        It looks better to use one bigger pic instead of trying to line up three in a row. Less hassle too.

                        Use obscure paintings and ask people (i'd never heard of Jackson Pollock but apparently hes famous). Everyone will know its just a knock off if its well known. Mona Lisa is a nono

                        Abstract expressionism (whjere they just throw a bucket of paint around ) is cool for modern flats and noone understands it (apart from Leonardo da vinci who thinks I cant spell Jason Pollock l)

                        Theres loads of companies to choose I spoke to four on line and bought from two of them:

                        Museum painting reproductions

                        Reproduction painting galleries

                        Modern art reproductions

                        google around is the answer!


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                          Re: Cheap pictures/paintings in London?

                          Hope the art worked. Nice to hear someone doing something different apart from the basic leather sofa and glass dining table and thanks for the links - I am going to be doing some decorating myself and might treat myself.
                          Interesting your thoughts on the market. My savvy investors pulled out ages ago. They only come back now for some of the repos and are very picky about what they buy. I think we are all in for a tough few years. Good luck anyway.