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These 7 Things are Still Making Your Home Look Cluttered

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  • These 7 Things are Still Making Your Home Look Cluttered

    You have done all the decluttering in your home but it seems not as neat as you expected. You still find that your house needs to be decluttered again. Sometimes, there are few things which we don’t realize are contributing to the clutter chaos in your house and a few tweaks might be all you need to finally have the clutter under control.


    If you have pets, pet supplies are indispensable things. Kennels, food bowls, toys, beds, etc. can take a certain amount of space in your room and if they are not well-organized, they are one of the factors making your house cluttered. 90227cc958f01c12455f61fd157bfacf.jpg

    So to make them look better, you can buy a decorative basket to keep your pet’s toys in and a small pet bed which matches your home’s decor.

    #2. PERSONAL HYGIENE BOTTLES a56e9a0740093fb0ec62ad2c78f57ba4.jpg

    Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, scrubs, face washes, masks, hand soaps, etc. are the items which can make your bathroom messy. You can not throw all of them out because they are essential things. However, to make your bathroom more well-organized and appealing, you can consider transferring everything into a matching easy to use set of bottles.

    Do you place anything on top of the fridge? Or do you stick any stickers, paper notes on the side of your fridge? If yes, it is time to move them out and put a new coat for your fridge.


    Pillows are the items used to add colors to your home. However, if you have too many pillows, it will creates a cramped space in your room. Therefore, consider reducing the number of pillows in your room.


    Look around your room and see if there are any things on the floor that you can clutter up. Shoes, purses, bags and toys are the common things scattered around your room. To straighten them up, you can buy some baskets, shoe racks or install some hooks. Once you get all of these things off the floor, your room will look more different.

    #6. CORDS 5e31307ea71692f75e361bed42b2cde7.jpg

    A tangled mess of cords around TV, tables, on the table can contribute to the chaos ò your house. Therefore, take a look around your home and group cords together by using Velcro or zip. Or if possible, you can tape your cord underneath tables or desks to hide them. Working in real estate photo editing, we usually have to remove the cords out of the photos for clients.

    #7. REMOTES 679ad8d23b28e8e3f84b70aa74508660.jpg

    You may have more than one remote such as TV remotes, BluRay player remotes, game console controllers, etc. They can be scattered around your family room if you don't put them in one place once you use them. To avoid this, invest in a small box in which you hold all the remotes and remember to put it back when you finish using

    A small thing can make a world of difference. If these are the things you have not paid attention to, why not start today to see how different your house will be!
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