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Mirror Tiles

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  • Mirror Tiles


    My friend recently tiled my bathroom and we left spaces for some tiles (small) for mirror tiles.

    Can anyone advise where i can purchase them from online and in shops?


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    Do B&Q, Do It All, Wickes, Homebase, etc, cover these?


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      Re: Mirror Tiles


      sorry for the funny addresses but I don't have 15 posts, and I cannot sent a link properly


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        Re: Mirror Tiles

        Things You'll Need:

        • Measuring tape
        • Mirror wall tiles
        • Chalk line
        • Level
        • Double-sided heavy-duty mounting tape
        • Work gloves
        • Glass cutter
        • Safety glasses or goggles

        1. Step 1

        Measure the wall you will be covering with the mirror wall tiles. Decide what size tiles you want to use. Though a common size is 12 x 12 inches, you might want to go with bigger tiles if you're covering a large space. Purchase the tiles at any home improvement center.
        1. Step 2

        Choose how you're going to put up the mirror tiles. You can go with the common block-pattern, or you can choose a diamond-pattern or any other pattern you wish. Sketch it out on paper before starting the project to get an idea how it will look.
        1. Step 3

        Clean the surface of the wall before applying tile. Make sure to remove any loose paint or wallpaper before installing the tiles.
        1. Step 4

        Make a line down the wall along the corner using a chalk line and check to make sure it is plumb. If so, start to install the mirror tiles in the bottom corner of the wall.
        1. Step 5

        Place five pieces of heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape on the back of a wall tile, one in each corner and in the middle, and apply to the wall. Align the tile with the chalk line and press firmly against the wall.
        1. Step 6

        Work vertically up the wall, placing one tile at a time and butting the bottom edge of the one you are installing against the top of the last tile placed. Follow the chalk line.
        1. Step 7

        Repeat Step 6 for each vertical row until the entire wall is covered.


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          Re: Mirror Tiles

          Mirrored tile refers to any of a number of tiling options that are perfect for countertops, walls, backsplashes, ceilings, and wall murals. They are available in a number of different colors and sizes, and even come in easy to apply sheets for easier installation.


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            Re: Mirror Tiles

            Mirror tiles should be fixed with mirror adhesive and grouted or you risk injury and the possibility of the mirror discolouring very quickly.


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              Re: Mirror Tiles

              I love mirror tiles and I have installed this at my place, in all the rooms. I do have to take proper care of these tiles and in my home, all the tiles are fixed with mirror adhesive only.