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Attaching photos to wall

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  • Attaching photos to wall


    I would like to put some photos up on my walls - what is the bst thing to do this with - blue tac!? - i just dont want to leave a mark - ive seen what blutac can do after a few years on walls!


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    I wouldn't really recommend blue-tac! I remember when I was younger, I had blue tacked posters all over my walls, and when I took them down, I ended up peeling 3 layers of paint off, leaving huge craters in the wall! Oops


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      thanks for response- i have since been advised elsewehere to use 'white tac'.


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        White tac isn't much better.


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          Re: Attaching photos to wall

          It is called Pritt Sticky Tac
          The package is a flat cardboard envelope and on the front it states it is the alternative to tape and pins, ideal for what you want it for. It has the Pritt stick glue emblem on the front smiling and saying it is for decorations and cards and posters and it also states it is removable.
          On the back of the product is the care instructions and customer service details.
          The packet contains a slab of white sticky gum like material and it is scored into small tabs which is great and useful as you can cut this and it will go a lot further than pulling it.The product is made by Henkel and you can contact them on 01606 593933
          Now this is available at supermarkets and DIY shops and Wilkinsons. It's about £10 per pack.


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            Re: Attaching photos to wall

            Take some tape, preferably the white/paper-ish tape. Make rings with the glue on the outside.
            Lay it horizontally on the back of the paper. Make multiple depending on the size of the photo. This way you have tape has contact to both your photo and the surface you want to put the photo on.

            I recommend the white (feels like a paper) tape because it does not stick to the wall or the paper when you want to remove it, but it does the job.


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              Re: Attaching photos to wall

              I wouldn't advise blue or white tac, maybe just try using masking tape and loop a one or two inch piece (depending on the size of your photo) into a circle and stick one masking tape circle in each of the four corners, then stick your photo to the wall.


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                Re: Attaching photos to wall

                blue-tac is not good for this job, i will refer you easy moveable photos and panting you can use big wooden photo frames for this purpos it will be easy to hang and easy to remove.