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TV Aerial - Installation of

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  • TV Aerial - Installation of


    I have just purchased a new property.

    There is only on TV aerial; in the living room. I would also like a TV Aerial in the main and spare bedroom. Would this be easy to do? - what sort of price am i looking at?

    I have a first floor flat - 1970s build.


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    Do you need a full aerial or will a booster with multiple outputs that you can then send cabling from room to room work? Cabling it yourself is quite easy. You can even get video sender units which are wireless.
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      umm i dont know if it would work!?!

      whats the difference?



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        If your signal strength in the aerial is fairly strong, then you can get a device you plug into the electrical mains and have a number of outputs. You can get these from most hardware stores. We have one. We have the incoming signal and 3 outputs. We are sending the outputs to other rooms. I drilled holes in the walls to get to the outside, ran the cable to the room and clipped it to the walls with the cable clips.

        The other way is a video sender device. You can find something like that in Maplin. I am not sure where this fits in, but you then have a video receiver on the TV you want to receive with. The idea of that though is usually to send VCR / DVD etc. video to other TVs in the house.

        Lastly, you could put up more aerials, but that works out more expensive than a simple booster.
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          thanks - ill seek some advice of some more technical friends!


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            or get sky/virgin multi room


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              Re: TV Aerial - Installation of
              1. Step 1

              Buy an outdoor antenna. Make sure you get a complete mounting kit as well as any other accessories you might need to mount this antenna on your type of roof.
              1. Step 2

              Choose the mounting site for your outdoor antenna. This is usually at the peak of the roof. The higher up that you have your antenna, the better chance you have of avoiding any interference from other buildings and trees.
              1. Step 3

              Take safety precautions when getting onto the roof. Use a ladder that extends well past the roof line and wear shoes that will give your feet a good grip on an angled surface. Take extra care when placing your steps to anticipate stepping on a loose shingle.
              1. Step 4

              Take your tools and antenna up to the roof. Double check that you have everything that you'll need, like drills, wrenches and pliers, to cut down on extra trips.
              1. Step 5

              Secure the antenna mounting kit to the spot you decided was best for reception. Make sure that the wooden decking under the shingles is solid and not soft from exposure so that your mounting bolts will have a solid surface to grip.
              1. Step 6

              Check that the mount is secure. Then, attach the antenna according to the included instructions. You may want to use an antenna rotator so that the antenna can swivel around with ease. This gives you the option to adjust the reception more easily.
              1. Step 7

              Run the necessary cables from the antenna into the home. Depending on the model, you may be able to use the cables from your old antenna. If you prefer, you can route the new cable following the same path as the old cable to keep from drilling more holes into your house.
              1. Step 8

              Secure the cables tightly with cable ties and weatherproof tape to the roof and down the side of your home. It will take a bit more time; but for a better-looking installation, route the cable along the soffit where it joins the siding to hide it.
              1. Step 9

              After the installation is complete, adjust the antenna until you've reached your desired level of reception. Once you've found the perfect setting, snug the bolts so that it will not lose its positioning in high winds.