Hi all,

My house is a 250 year old stone built farm house. When built, it was farmland, but that has eroded into a town now.

As part of the property, we have a number of 'outbuildings' that are physically part of the fabric of the house, but no internal doors to them. We will be looking to change this.

One of the outbuildings is a large room. (It is basically a barn). It has 2 stable doors on it. The room is large enough (if it had barn doors) to park 5 cars in it, with probably a little more space left over. The celing is direct up to the roof covering (i.e. no ceiling). The space is a wonderful size with the feel of history.

The building is NOT listed.

We are seriously considering converting this room into an indoor pool. If we do this, what consideration do we need to do with the building?

Something we need to do is to remove a LOT of the wall and put large glass windows in, possibly opening onto our garden.

There will also be the consideration for heating the pool, but what about the condensation? We have LARGE wooden beams in the barn and naturally, I think these need to be kept dry.

Also, idea on costs? Obviously, the floor will need excavating (I think it is a limecrete base).

At this point in time, we are not sure wether it will add much in value to the house, but one thing I keep saying (we need a new kitchen as well) is to probably get an architect in to really plan the house out, which might also involve moving the kitchen.

We have all this wonderful space, but not using it. In actual fact, even if we expand into it, we probably still won't use it, but at least we will have something desirable and worth a lot more money.