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Dimmer Switch - How to install

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  • Dimmer Switch - How to install


    I have recently purchased a property. I am liking the idea of installing dimmer switches in all of the rooms rather than the standard on/off light.

    Can anyone advise how easy this is to do?

    Also - would that save electricity if it was dimmed low?


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    Do you have any flourescent or energy saving bulbs in any of the connected lamp holders? Many of these types of bulbs cannot be operated on dimmers.

    There might be some energy saving, but for the loss of actual light, it is not a linear saving, i.e. turn down the light by half its actual luminen, you would probably save less than a quarter of the cost of electricity. (I think there is a formula to work it out, but I can't remember it.)
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      not moved into the property yet. i would suggest it is bog standard lighting.


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        Just to digress slightly: you can buy energy saving bulbs that do work on dimmers too, I believe they aren't quite so energy saving as the regular energy saving bulbs but are a considerable amount better than standard bulbs.


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          Looking back to the orginal question, actually fitting a dimmer switch is a peice of cake. The wiring inside the socket looks exactly the same as a standard socket, just the knob is different


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            Re: Dimmer Switch - How to install

            installation of the dimmer switches is exactly the same as the standard on/off light; just be aware that you wouldn't be able to use energy-efficient bulbs, neither light tubes


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              Re: Dimmer Switch - How to install

              1) Use a screwdriver to remove the wall plate. Then unscrew the switch mounting screws.

              2) Grasp the switch by its flanges and gently pull it straight out of the mounting box. With a neon tester, double check to make sure the circuit wires are not electrically charged. It won't light up unless there is still power in the circuit.

              3) Unscrew the wires from the switch terminals. If they are poked into holes in the back of the switch, use a small screwdriver to release them. Straighten the ends of the wires, or, if possible, snip them off and strip the ends again

              4) Use lineman's pliers to twist the bare end of the green ground wire together with the bare copper ground wire in the box. Then use a wire nut to further connect the dimmer’s ground wire to the circuit's bare copper or green ground wire

              5) Then connect one of the dimmer’s black wires to each of the two black wires in the box.

              6) Make sure the connections are tight, and then carefully push the wires into the box to make room for the dimmer. Position the dimmer, and screw it to the mounting holes in the box.

              7) Then replace the faceplate. Turn the power back on at the electrical panel, and then try it out.