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Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

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  • Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

    How To Choose The Right Wood Furniture

    You may be fretting over the ideal piece of wood furniture for your home or office. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right piece of wood furniture.

    There are several things to consider when choosing a piece of wood furniture. Ultimately, your choice depends on what you need. So let's start by considering your needs.

    1) Indoors or outdoors.

    First, consider whether you need the furniture for indoor or outdoor purposes. Wood furniture has different type of finishes, which make some ideal for outdoors and others ideal for indoors. Generally, outdoor wood furniture has a stronger and more resistant finish on the exterior. So even when exposed to the sun and rain, it should still last.

    There are many outdoor places that may need a good piece of hardwood. For example, you may want to place a piece of furniture in a balcony, in the backyard, beside the swimming pool and so on. Fortunately, there is no lack of wood furniture for the outdoors. So you should be able to find what you need rather easily.

    Next, ask yourself if you need the furniture for work or for leisure.

    2) For work or leisure. / For home or office.

    This has more to do with the overall setting of the location (which we will come to later). Usually, your office furniture or study room will look very different from your home furniture.

    Wood furniture that is ideal for the work environment usually looks more formal with ordinary shapes. They are also stronger and are expected to last longer. Observe the furniture in most study rooms. Often, people will choose strong wood such as oak or teak for study room furniture. They are ideal for tables and shelves, which are meant to hold strong items such as books for a long period of time.

    In contrast, wood furniture in a more relaxed environment doesn't have to be as formal. They can be oddly shaped, and created from a large variety of wood. You can easily find comfortable sofas, dining tables, and other home furniture made from wood.

    In addition, when choosing wooden furniture, keep in mind the overall theme of your home or office. Sometimes, a piece of great wooden furniture may look perfect when standing alone. But when it arrives on location, it turns out to be a wrong fit. Nobody would like that to happen. So be sure to consider carefully how a piece of wooden furniture will fit before making a buying decision.

    If you have a budget in mind, you may have to consider the type of wood as well. Different types of wood affect the retail price of the furniture. Mahogany, oak, walnut and cherry wood are examples of fine wood that will cost more.

    Again, due to the wide of wood furniture available, there is always something for every theme you can think of. Wood can be made to fit into modern themes, fun themes, English themes, and many other popular and fashionable themes. So let your imagination run wild, and choose the right piece of wood furniture.

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    Thanks, that's quite informative.


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      very good info, thanks!

      very good info, thanks!


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        Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

        Solid oak bedroom furniture can be a very nice addition to any home. There are many pluses to buying furniture of such high quality. This fine furniture can be used to decorate any bedroom in your home. The price may be a little high but the quality and workmanship quickly make up for that. This is truly a once in a lifetime purchase.
        This furniture may well be passed on to your children and grand children. When furniture is made of solid oak you can be sure it will last for many years to come. There is a good reason you find antique furniture made from this wood. If the workmanship is good then it might last for 100 or more years.
        Of course the same hold true for any furniture made of solid oak. This wood is very durable and able to withstand use. It has been used for centuries to make furniture and even things such as weapons and ships. With all of the various uses this wood quickly became of immense value. Your purchase may be worth much more in years to come if you ever decide to resell this furniture.
        Oak trees take a great many years to reach maturity and the proper size for things such as furniture. This is another reason that furniture made from this is so expensive. Some oak trees can live to be hundreds of years old but with the wood from them being in such high demand this is a rare occurrence. One day we may no longer see furniture made of oak due to limited supply.
        You could literally decorate your entire house in solid oak furniture. Everything imaginable could be found made in this wood. You can even get bunk beds for a child’s room. They also have living room and dining room furniture to choose from in this wood. You can even find it with different colors of satin if you want something a bit different.
        To care for your solid oak bedroom furniture you should use a wood polish and clean as necessary. It’s recommended that you not use water if it can be avoided. You should also never paint your furniture. This can decrease the value enormously. If you need your wood refinished or fixed you should take it to someone who has experience in restoring oak furniture.
        You should be aware that this furniture is also very heavy. To avoid injury to yourself or damage to the furniture you may not want to move it often. It is usually best to put it where you want it and then leave it. This is furniture that should last a life time and never need to be replaced.


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          Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

          Hello Friends.........

          Apt Wooden Garden Furniture It is hard to find anyone who does not like enjoying the view of setting while lazing in their garden. People take maximum care of maintaining their garden. They ensure that the grass is green and any additional grass is mowed. Any traces of garbage or dirt are cleaned. Flowers and plants are trimmed and garden furniture is polished and cleaned. Garden furniture plays a pivotal role in changing the look of your garden.
          It is very important that one chooses the garden furniture carefully. One has different options like metal garden furniture, wrought iron garden furniture or classic wooden garden furniture to choose from. Wooden furniture is the latest trend when it comes to garden furniture. Wood imparts a certain class and elegance to your garden. It is more comfortable as compared to the metallic furniture



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            Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

            I thought this thread was going to cover how to tell good quality from cheap quality, but it has been more to do with interior design. So I thought I'd give some input.

            First of all, much of the wooden furniture sold in the UK is mass produced, imported, and fairly low quality, compared to that manufacturerd in th UK. Some retailers may not be open about where their furniture is manufactured, and the first clue that you may get that it is mass produced in the far east, is when it is delivered flat packed, and with instructions in various languages, or even poorly translated.

            The furniture you choose is usually determined by budget, and the look you want. As a general rule pine is going to be far cheaper that hard woods like teak, mahogany, or oak. If hard woods are outside your budget, then don't be put off by pine just because it is cheaper and softer. Quality and the type of pine can vary massively.

            Here is a rough guide to make shure you aren't being sold low quality furniture at a high price:
            • First of all for pine furniture ask what type of pine it is made from. If it is white pine, then this is low quality and very soft. Yellow pine is much harder and stronger. Thick worktops on dressers or coffee tables should be made from Scandinavian redwood.
            • Look carefully at thick posts (like legs on bedsa and tables). Good quality ones would be turned from one solid piece of wood. Lower quality ones would be made from 2 or 3 pieces of wood laminated together, and then turned. The same applies to thick tops, although larger surfaces would be made from more than one piece, but avoid those made from multiple small pieces bonded together.
            • On chests of drawers or cabinets have a look at the back panels and the bottoms of the drawers. If they are made from hardboard, then they are the lowest quality. Those made from thin chipboard are slightly better. Those made from ply wood would be slightly better again. But the best quality would be made from matchwood (these look a bit like minature floor boards, and are made from proper wood). You may need to take the drawers out and look underneath to know for sure.
            Don't put words into a salesman's mouth, but instead test their knowledge. For example don say 'is this made from yellow pine?', but instead say 'what type of pine is this made from?'.

            For those who are environmentally minded, make sure that the wood comes from sustainable forests, especially with woods like mahogony.

            Most oak used comes from China, but it is still good quality. English oak is extremely expensive.


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              Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

              I need advice on a type of wood for a study. Which is the strongest?


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                Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                in choosing wood furniture you can always have this top priorities if the wood is hard and durable. And also you have to classify if the furniture is for outdoor or indoor type.

                And another thing when it comes to wood furniture's now a days. Choose the well known wood brand or manufacturers that produce quality woods.
                don't invest on something non profitable.


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                  Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                  Wooden furniture had been awesome since interior designers and decorators change the image of this furniture. How I love this furniture.


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                    Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                    I really appreciate that you have given such a nice information regarding to choosing wooden furniture. I will always remember these tips because these will help me when I want buy any wooden furniture item. Thanks a lot.


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                      Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                      That is quite helpful I must say, choosing the right type of wooden furniture is important as it helps give a different look to your house.


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                        Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                        good info, i appreciate that.


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                          Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                          These are the most important tips for choosing wooden furniture:

                          Silhouette: is that the general form of the piece fashionable or can it stand the check of time? a chunk of piece of furniture is Associate in Nursing investment in your home and says plenty concerning you. opt for a silhouette that you just can love currently and within the future. This doesn’t mean, however, that you just ought to opt for one thing shapeless or while not vogue. whether or not your preferences area unit up to date or ancient, there area unit several updated choices on the market on the market.

                          Finish: If your piece of piece of furniture has any exposed wood, the stain or end color is a very important purpose to contemplate. several items will be altered dramatically by the colour of the end. you'll simply take a chair from ancient to up to date by dynamic a cherry stain to a black paint. Likewise, a mahogany piece painted white can instantly seem a lot of female.

                          Fabric: Lighter coloured materials will be applicable for a proper front room, foyer, or bedroom. However, if this can be a chunk of piece of furniture that may be used oft, it's advised to decide on a rather darker cloth


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                            Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                            You may be fretting over the perfect piece of wood furnishings for your home or workplace. Here may be a easy guide to assist you select the correct piece of wood furnishings.

                            There ar many things to contemplate once selecting a bit of wood furnishings. Ultimately, your selection depends on what you wish. therefore let's begin by considering your desires.

                            1) inside or outdoors - initial, take into account whether or not you wish the furnishings for indoor or out of doors functions. Wood furnishings has completely different form of finishes, that create some ideal for outdoors et al. ideal for inside. Generally, out of doors wood furnishings incorporates a stronger and additional resistant end on the outside. therefore even once exposed to the sun and rain, it ought to still last.

                            There ar several out of doors places which will would like an honest piece of wood furnishings. for instance, you will wish to put a bit of furnishings during a balcony, within the curtilage, beside the natatorium and then on. as luck would have it, there's no lack of wood furnishings for the outside. therefore you ought to be ready to notice what you wish rather simply.

                            Next, raise yourself if you wish the furnishings for work or for leisure.

                            2) For work or leisure. / For home or workplace - This has additional to try to to with the general setting of the placement (which we'll come back to later). Usually, your {office furnishings|furniture|piece of furniture|article of furniture} or school room can look terribly completely different from your home furniture.

                            Wood furnishings that's ideal for the work surroundings sometimes appearance additional formal with standard shapes. {they ar|they're} conjointly stronger and are expected to last longer. Observe the furnishings in most school rooms. Often, folks can select sturdy wood like oak or teak for school room furnishings. they're ideal for tables and shelves, that ar meant to carry sturdy things like books for a protracted amount of your time.

                            In distinction, wood furnishings during a additional relaxed surroundings does not have to be compelled to be as formal. they will be oddly formed, and created from an oversized style of wood. you'll simply notice comfy sofas, feeding tables, and alternative home furnishings made up of wood.

                            I apologize in advance for any green questions that I may have


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                              Re: Tips & advice on chosing wooden furniture

                              Yes some very good information you have provided in your checklist, I think this is good for people as wooden furniture is becoming big again and it helps people with decison makling.