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Water Meter or rates?

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  • Water Meter or rates?


    Guess this question fits into this topic - kinda..

    Just purchased my first house. I am looking for advice as to whether i stay on a with water rates or transfer to a water meter?

    Whats the best options? I would say i'd likely have 2 very quick showers a day, boil kettle for coffee 4 times a day - if that helps!?


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    update: i have been advised that it is now law/policy to install a meter when a houses is sold/bought. can anyone advise!?



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      Originally posted by Collinsc View Post
      update: i have been advised that it is now law/policy to install a meter when a houses is sold/bought. can anyone advise!?

      I've not heard of this, and personally would avoid a water meter where possible!


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        From what I've gathered , if you have more bedrooms in your house than people, you should check out getting a water meter. I'm in the process of buying a house and I'm looking into it too.


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          Re: Water Meter or rates?

          A water meter is a device that records the amount of water being used in your home for billing purposes, similar to your gas and electricity metering. Your water company checks your water meter to calculate how much to charge you.

          Should I get a water meter?

          If you have a water meter fitted your charges would be based on the amount of water you use, rather than being a fixed amount each year based on the rateable value (RV) of your property.
          Any savings depend on how much you pay now and how much water you use.

          Will I have to pay to get a water meter installed?

          Most homes can have a meter installed free of charge. The only exception would be when it is unreasonably expensive or impractical for the water company to install a meter. In these circumstances the customer would need to pay for the installation of the water meter (although the meter itself would be free). If a water meter cannot be fitted then the customer can be put on assessed charges.
          Compulsory metering can also occur in areas designated by the Secretary of State as 'water scarce', in which case the water company can if it is necessary, install meters in all households.