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Redoing Our Kitchen

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  • Redoing Our Kitchen

    We are looking into redoing our kitchen and I just cannot believe the prices and what the overall cost will be when we are done. And we are not even picking what you would call top of the line stuff. I mean the stuff we are getting will look nice when it is done but I have a feeling we will be paying for this kitchen for awhile. Does anyone have any good tips they would like to pass along that might save us some money? Thanks

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    It's terribly expensive right now ...kitchens and bathrooms both. There's not much a way around it unless you really want to handle to contracting yourself and do the research on pricing. I have a friend who did that recently. She spent an enormous amount of time online searching out the best deals on items she knew she wanted, and it worked. But you've got to have the time to do it. She did. Otherwise, it's kind of like robbery these days.


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      I agreed and the kitchen and bathroom are very expensive to do. The best thing to do is to search online to see if you find any deals for DIY remodeling.


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        Thank you, I well check online and see where maybe I can cut some of the costs. You are right it sure is exspensive.


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          redoing kitchen

          We are planning on redoing are kitchen. My problem is I want granite counter counter tops and they cost so much. Does anyone know anything that is cheaper, but is just as nice?


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            Worktops made of composite materials such as Corian are quite nice and come in all different colours and finishes. I would think that they would be cheaper then granite. Check the internet.


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              I have heard that Corian is cheaper. I have not got that far though on checking on countertops. I also would love granite but I reallly don't see that happening.


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                It depends on how large your counter area is ....if you have a small kitchen, granite might not be so expensive if you look for ends or cut downs from bigger projects. I have a friend who did his kitchen out of marble tops from tables that he found at tag sales. It looks great!


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                  redoing kitchen

                  Thank you for the information. I will look on the internet and see what I can find. If it looks just as good as granite and is cheaper it would be great.


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                    Kitchen Appliances

                    We have some pretty good prices on appliances at the minute, the manufacturers are offering some very cheap stock.

                    If you have any requirements please let us know...


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                      You need to find someone on the inside. I'm in the business and could save you a fortune.


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                        Re: Redoing Our Kitchen

                        When you are considering the most inexpensive kitchen renovation ideas, the first thing that comes in mind is the kitchen painting. As per your wish, you can try various faux painting techniques like sponging, ragging, color washing and stippling. One thing that you need to take care of while doing kitchen painting is to hire only an expert painter who is skilled enough to paint the kitchen in the most stylish way, else instead of making the whole kitchen décor, you will end up destroying it. Colorful and pattern tiles in contrast with the kitchen painting also helps boosting the kitchen décor. Interestingly, you can use tiles too in an inexpensive way by just using them at the backsplash or behind the stove area.

                        Cabinet Resurfacing Another reasonable way to improve the look of the kitchen is cabinet resurfacing.This is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most economical ways to redo your kitchen. If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend too much on a kitchen remodelling,then tips like changing the whole cabinet handles, knobs will work wonder. Also, give your kitchen a stylish design by removing the cabinet doors that are no longer in trend and the best thing about it is that it can be done with minimal expenses.

                        Kitchen Lighting
                        Kitchen lighting forms yet another important aspect of a kitchen redo. There are unlimited options when it comes to do kitchen lighting in an inexpensive way. Just be a little experimental and use any of the four main lighting types for your kitchen.
                        * Create a feeling of openness by using natural lighting from large windows and skylights in your kitchen.
                        * You can also try out task lighting, wherein you can put lights in the main task areas like under the cabinet.
                        * General Lighting is the third way of kitchen lighting in an economical way, where you can simply put ceiling mounted lights or wall bracketed lights.
                        * Lastly, try out the accent lighting, which can be done by putting incandescent light bulbs or LEDs in the kitchen.

                        Enjoy your new look.


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                          Re: Redoing Our Kitchen

                          Kitchens are relatively expensive but, if you buy a good quality one that will last a long time the expense will not seem that bad when worked out over the years you have the kitchen.


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                            Re: Redoing Our Kitchen

                            My advice would be leave the national chains like B&Q etc to the last as a local kitchen fitter will be able to get local discounts on materials etc and due to the recession, will look to undercut competitors as much as possible.

                            Please be aware though that you do your research fully as there are a lot of cowboys out there at the moment


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                              Re: Redoing Our Kitchen

                              Redoing your kitchen, or any other rooms in the house can add up to exceeding amounts. There are ways of redecorating your kitchen without taking all the furnishings out.
                              I prefer granite/marble work surfaces,but obviously this is a very expensive avenue to go down, there are alternative methods such as laminate, which is reasonably inexpensive and has a clean cut and finish.
                              I just had my kitchen repainted to make it feel really fresh, I used the company Norbury Moor, found them really useful!

                              Some great advice in here, enjoyed reading!