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organic mattress

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  • organic mattress

    has anyone here availed of an organic mattress? are there some drawbacks in using this type of mattress? i read somewhere that for organic cotton pillows, there can be this smell that customers don't find good...i'm just interested if there are some drawbacks in using an organic mattress--either wool or cotton. right now i'm contemplating about buying an organic mattress....

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    Not sure about issues with them, but personally I think it's a great idea and can't wait for the whole organic materials craze to hit the UK.

    In the meantime, here's a good website in California that delivers organic sheets, bedding, mattresses, etc, in North America:


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      I would have no problem using an organic mattress. The thing that bugs me is that right now anything organic is just so much more exspensive.


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        If it is naturally made, I don't think there is anything harmful in it, but I would agree though that they would be more costly compared to our common mattresses nowadays.


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          organic mattress

          We have looked at them, but i am just not sure if they are worth spending all that money for them. Are they really that much better then a regular mattress?


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            Originally posted by tater03 View Post
            I would have no problem using an organic mattress. The thing that bugs me is that right now anything organic is just so much more exspensive.
            Could not agree more!

            But personally, I would rather go for local produce than organic.. or better still, local and organic together!

            Anyway, onto the Mattresses, have you had a look at Feather & Black's range? http://www.featherandblack.com/Store/Mattresses

            Whilst they don't offer organic mattresses, they do have a big selection.

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              Any smell should fade in time, and in the meantime sheets might help to mask that. I have never noticed any smell issues with any of the organic clothes that I have bought, and they were all cotton.
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                What are the pros of using organic pillows?
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                  organic pillows

                  Pros would be the same as using any organic bedding-not poisoning yourself by breathing in the toxic flame retardants and other chemicals that non-organic bedding is treated with!!


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                    Re: organic mattress

                    Organic mattress utilizes organic breathable materials so as to remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Organic mattresses provide restorative sleep with their contoured support. They improve circulation while sleeping by reducing tossing and turning. Organic mattresses can last up to 25 years providing supportive and comfortable sleep.

                    Need for organic mattresses

                    Conventional mattresses are highly toxic as they are made up of many chemicals like flame retardants such as antimony and boric acid. Most of the mattresses today widely use Formaldehyde, TDI (toluene di-isocyanate), styrene, butadiene and other petroleum derivatives. Though they are easier to manufacture, long term usage and side effects are worrisome.

                    On the other hand organic mattresses contain nontoxic, pesticide-free materials such as cotton, wool and natural latex rubber. These mattresses are eco-friendly and people who sleep on natural mattresses using organic materials like natural wool and latex, toss and turn significantly lesser and enjoy better quality of sleep.

                    Organic latex mattresses

                    Latex obtained from rubber tree is a naturally biodegradable product. Latex is hypoallergenic and helps to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Bacteria, mildew and mold cannot live in latex foam. Latex foam is three times more resistant to dust mites and bacteria than other mattresses. Latex foam has the amazing ability to adjust to the body contours by providing gentle orthopedic support to maintain proper spinal alignment without restricting capillary blood flow. Latex mattresses can last up to 30 years and are ideal for athletes.

                    Organic cotton - wool mattresses

                    Organic mattresses made from wool are softer, thicker, warmer and longer lasting with its superior durability, insulation and moisture regulation. The wool is cleaned using a unique chemical free process that produces exceptionally clean wool, by retaining high natural lanolin content.

                    Most of the wool produced is free of any sort of plastic, baling twine and mothballs. Hypoallergenic organic cotton, wool, and hemp futon mattresses are perfect for people suffering from chemical sensitivities and other allergic reactions.

                    Organic wool mattresses enjoy natural insulating properties and help to regulate the body temperature in every season and climate by wicking away the moisture from the skin.

                    Benefits of organic mattresses

                    • Organic mattresses are better than synthetic mattresses which contain polyurethane foam which can cause serious allergies.
                    • Organic mattresses made of natural bio-degradable products are dust repellants which make them safer and healthier to sleep on.
                    • Organic mattresses are free from fire retardants, pesticides, dioxins, formaldehyde and other chemicals that may damage health.
                    • Organic mattresses provide insulation and absorb humidity and provide dry, chemical-free and environment friendly sleeping medium.

                    Drawbacks of organic mattresses

                    • Organic mattress gives out a sticky smell and may trigger headache.
                    • Organic mattress made up of wool and cotton content can easily pack down and sag over time. But, with proper branded quality product this disadvantage can be avoided.
                    • Organic mattress that is made of natural latex and cotton may have a potential fire hazard.

                    Choose right organic mattresses

                    • Organic mattresses come in various thicknesses and layers. Choose for several latex layers of differing hardness with a softer top layer for a supportive and plush sleeping surface.
                    • Find a bed with a built-in wool pad, wool fill or upper wool layer which can absorb moisture with a natural antibacterial and flame-resistant property. This will ensure wool that is sans pesticides.
                    • See to it that the manufacturer of the mattress uses no glues, plastics, dyes, flame-retardants, chemicals or synthetics.
                    • Opt for a wool puddle pad style mattress pad or a cotton-wool combination mattress pad as they are equivalent to organic mattresses.
                    • Select organic mattresses that best matches one's preference. For example, an organic innerspring mattress is often chosen for its affordability. Organic natural latex-core mattresses are more durable, breathable, supportive and toxin-free.
                    • Ensure that you are buying a certified organic mattress. You can verify this against the list of accredited organic retailers from the Organic Consumers Association. Beware of the misuse of the term 'organic' in product sales.

                    Multi-layer construction organic mattresses allow you to rest in a correct posture and provide orthopedic support. This can aid people of varying body types. Organic materials have varying levels of firmness. Organic mattresses can be of two types - innerspring or rubber. Fortunately, in both types, synthetic and chemical ingredients are avoided.


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                      Re: organic mattress

                      I read about organic (i think) horse hair matresses. I know it sounds weird but seems to be a not new fad in Europe and is apparently incredibly durable and comfy. Deffo worth a look!


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                        Re: organic mattress

                        My mom is having a problem of slip disk so for her I have to get the mattress, and organic mattresses are really very good and will be worth having as, it will help my mom to get rid of pain she had.

                        Can you please send some updates about different mattress that are good.


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                          Re: organic mattress

                          Much better for breathing and skin allergies, I don't really see there being too big a smell problem either.
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                            Re: organic mattress

                            This is very interesting and having read it, I think I would maybe benefit from Organic Pillows and mattress as I think I suffer with allergies with my current ones


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                              Re: organic mattress

                              The truth is that organic mattress are over priced, over hyped, and over rated. They are made by companies who put out loads of propoganda against synthetic products to try and scare people into paying far more for organic products.

                              The fact is that in many cases synthetic products are better than their organic alternatives. This is because synthetic products were specially designed for that purpose, but organic products have just been adapted.

                              Synthetic products usually have far better hypoallergenic properties than organic products because bed bugs live off organic properties.

                              My gran used to have a mattress with horse hair in it, and it was horrible. The horse hairs used to poke though making you itch like mad.

                              Why can't some people realise when they are being conned?