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Breaking in(to the property market)

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  • Breaking in(to the property market)

    Hi everyone,
    New to the site, had been looking at finding an active forum somewhere so i might be able to get some advice/feedback from experienced sales/lettings negotiators everywhere. My tale begins...

    Last year i while i was out of work, i decided to try and get my foot in the door with becoming an estate agent either directly through sales or by learning to be a lettings negotiator first. I noticed someone gave some advice as to get dressed appropriately and hand deliver my CV's to various estate agencies across a few towns near where i live. I managed to gain some interest from one company and went into the office a few times to speak with the manager. I managed to get another job lined up in the meantime but the advice given was "take the job you've been offered and if we need you, you can always leave and come with us" Something happened somewhere along the lines, possibly due to missing a call i ended up plaster boarding for a mate of mine who completely screwed me over and had to start again.

    A year later i find myself in a position to start looking again but with a slightly different approach. I've located about 40 estate agencies both capable of sales and lettings, I've stored all the contact details in an excel worksheet and plan to write a cover letter stating that in exchange for experience, i will work for free. Part time though as my current job starts at 4pm so will only be able to honor 9-3 of my day, not a great deal of time i understand but sufficient enough for me to get some sleep and possibly do homework assignments or research to further my education. I plan to email all those i have found and with a cover letter stating the skills i can utilize and also can provide a CV upon request (this being so i can get a good idea of how many are actually interested) Im not entirely sure if it's a great idea but with the rise and rise of YouTube i made a short presentation of myself to add into my CV basically to prove im presentable and able to fully communicate in English.

    Is there anyone out there that thinks this is a good idea? Should i send my CV along with a cover letter? Should i get rid of the Presentation? Or should i send out the email and follow it up with a personal visit to each agency when i know a manager is going to be there?

    Any help, ideas or feedback about the process would be of massive help to me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Breaking in(to the property market)

    Do you feel slightly cheated that this isnt the reply you thought it was going to be?


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      Re: Breaking in(to the property market)

      I'll use this as my online diary of what i've done so far and track my progress for others to see.

      So i collected about 50 or so different estate agencies in my local area, theres still at least 100 different branches i could contact but im trying to keep it as local as possible.

      My idea is to offer myself up for a non paid work experience placement and basically work 9-3 (as i work 4-12 shift) and learn as much as i can within this time period. As my mate once said "If you ask 100 girls for sex one of them is bound to say yes" Not the best way to go about things but i think in this instance if i present myself properly i can make it work.

      Okay as of the 12th of August 2015 i've been in branch to five branches and called three and basically explained what im after, sent an email and cover letter to each one.

      Had three phonecalls back regarding the issue, i've got an interview on Tuesday and another agency said they could fit me in and possibly even pay me a little something within a month so not bad going. About a 50% hit rate as far as im concerned.

      I'll make another update on Tuesday.


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        Re: Breaking in(to the property market)

        A little while later....

        Id contacted 6 agencies in a local town, two by phone call and four by random email looking for work experience. All of them had asked for my CV and i sent along a cover letter just to outline what i'm looking for a little clearer. Two of them got back to me and arranged informal chats. The one i spoke of in the post above fell through after the manager of one place realized i had no previous sales experience and cut me off at the knees on the Friday. Until that point it was the only lead id got, but then had another email from an independent agency and was invited to gown down, which turned out to be one of the best things that's happened so far. The branch manager was so incredibly helpful, answering any questions i had and giving me advice on what i should try and get my head round first, showing me how to use online tools and basically being super awesome and giving me a real boost in confidence.

        So far now i still dont have my placement, it could still come with time from the last one i visited, but its best not to count your chickens before they hatch as me old mum says.

        The plan for next week is to try another localized area, splitting up the agencies from corporate to independent. I'll spend one evening emailing the corporate ones and following up with a phone call two days later, while popping into branch for the independent ones to show my face and ask about what's possible. All going well i should be able to email them my cover letter and CV and see if there's anymore good apples out there willing to do something nice for a nobody....