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What do you look for in an Estate Agent

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  • What do you look for in an Estate Agent


    We are estate agents dealing with sales and lettings.

    We are always trying to improve our service we offer to our landlords, sellers, tenants and buyers.

    Other than a justifiable fee, what else do you expect and want from your estate agent.

    What is important to you?

    Have you had any dealing with estate agents either sale or lettings and thought "Wow they are really good"

    We would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help in advance!
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    Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

    I've been on the property ladder for about 16 years now and in that time have purchased 4 residential properties and 5 BTL's.

    My main issues have always been with communication, mainly during the buying process when I'm paying out fee's to them / the solicitor / financial advisor, etc, the agent should be the one calling me occasionally to give me an update rather than the other way around.

    Also, and yes, I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about it, but while buying one property it turned out that the seller had pulled out and it took 6 weeks before we were told by the agent, and in that time frame we'd paid out approximately £750 in surveys and mortgage fee's. Following a lengthy complaints procedure I managed to recoup £500 as compensation, losing £250 because of inability to keep up to date with all parties.

    Finally, with regards to the letting side, one of my current tenants are a bit slack with their rental payments, normally due on 28th of each month pre-ceeding the rental month, They forgot to pay their 3rd months rent until I had to call the agent to say I hadn't received the payment, all was then ok for 3 months but in Jan 2015 he didn't pay until 10th Jan and this months rent, he paid a third on the 6th, so a week late, then another third on 13th and therefore still owes the final chunk, but despite me chasing the agent and telling them they need to stress that he agreed to pay it on the 28th of each month and I also have bills to pay, they are very much like 'Oh, he's having some personal issues and is really nice so we're sure he'll pay it when he needs too'. And therefore despite me paying them 10% for their 'services' they are actually sticking up to for the tenant and not taking me, their actual customer, into account. Needless to say they don't have too much chance of keeping me at the end of his tenancy!

    Besides communication being a big thing for me, I agree with what you've put about a justifiable fee, as well as being clear on what is and isn't included as part of that. Luckily I've not yet been stung in this way but have seen friends in that position and so sure there's nothing more annoying than finding out you still have to pay x, y and z when not fully informed or finding out that wasn't included when other agents do.


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      Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

      Thanks Barny,

      Some great feedback there, I tend to agree communication is the most important thing in a sale or purchase. Sounds like you have had some rotten luck in the past!
      Jacks and Jones Estate Agents


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        Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

        Communication is definitely very very important, I have been in lots of troubles in the past because certain costs or issues with my investment haven’t been properly communicated to me. I always do some background checks to see what other customers are saying about the agency or I look for an advice from family and friends to recommend someone that they have worked with before. I look at the agency website and how well they present their properties on different platforms. I also appreciate when the agent shares the feedback of potential buyers/renters from the viewings of my property.
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          Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

          There is not only ONE quality that a good estate agent should possess.

          Communication is a key fundamental and very important aspect. Good communication allows the whole process to be completed with minimal or no hassle.

          Local knowledge of the property market is a definite plus.
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            Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

            I demand to be honest with me


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              Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

              The very first thing I look for in London commercial estate agents is their credibility and reliability. Maybe you’re wondering how I do that. Well, I try to read online reviews and feedback. There are usually some websites featuring the reviews of clients to the agents and some real estate companies even have a place in their website where they feature their clients’ comments
              London commercial estate agents


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                Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

                I think I would be a little wary of "client comments" on the company's own website. Call me cynical, but I am guessing they may not put up too many which point out the errors and faults they have caused.

                Reviews on third party sites are certainly more credible though - providing it is not an endless stream of "5 out of 5" all reviews having been given over a short period of time and nothing before or since.

                Trustpilot can be worth a look - and of course just asking around friends and family (ask on FaceBook) for good recommendations and also if anyone has any suggestions on folks to avoid.

                Don't worry about the ODD negative comment - the best company can make a genuine mistake - I'd be more worried about a long list of glowing referrals on the company's own website I think.

                But that might just be me, being a cynical git
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                  Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

                  A landlord in today’s times must essentially use the services of a letting agent in order to get the best deal for his property. The real estate industry has become a global platform, which can be accessed by anybody sitting in any corner of the planet. Hire a letting agent and get global exposure.
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                    Re: What do you look for in an Estate Agent

                    It is difficult to choose right estate agent. Following points, you need to look in an estate agent.
                    1. Sales Qualification
                    2. Experience in the Market
                    3. Marketing Plan
                    4. Negotiation Skills

                    Kingswood Properties, an estate agent in Preston have many years of experience in buying, selling, letting and managing residential and commercial properties. Kingswood Properties has all quality points and skills you are looking for in an estate agent.
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