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Hi all - Some advice please

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  • Hi all - Some advice please

    I am currently in the retail sector, at an adequate level in the management pyramid, but have absolutely no passion for it. I also have a long term goal of emigrating to Australia, but to do this require a specialised industry to work in, which retail isn't considered to be. Therefore I am looking to step out of the industry and look elsewhere.

    I have never been a person to say "i dream of being a fireman/policeman/doctor etc and have always struggled for a career goal, but I do have a keen interest in property/house prices etc. So it seems only logical to explore the real estate path.

    basically I am looking for a few basic questions answering.

    how did you get into the industry, and what - if any - qualifications did you have before hand.

    i know the basics of what the job involves, negotiations, viewings, legislation etc, but whats the job like on a day to day basis. job satisfaction etc.

    i have never been involved in a sales environment, and wouldnt be suited to cold calling etc. however i do feel i could operate selling property, because i am interested in the subject matter, and those im selling too are actually interested. is this realistic?

    apart from earning any relevent qualifications is there anything else i could do to give me a head start?

    I am not particularly motivated by money and as long as the basic pay is high enough to live on im happy. although i would be interested to know how the commission works as i have never had experience of this.

    Thanks in advance for any comments. much appreciated

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    Re: Hi all - Some advice please

    Do you need a specialist industry experience to emigrate to Australia?? One of my friends went last year - he's a chef.

    I would also have thought management experience more valuable than self-employed estate agent!

    You make a set of points about how you're not motivated by finances, etc, and potentially a problem solver - but in the sort of economic environment we're in, I would think the people becoming EA's now who succeed will be the more pushy and financially motivated ones. After all, even established EA's are going out of business.


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      Re: Hi all - Some advice please

      Thanks for the reply. when I say i am not motivated by money, i dont think i made myself clear, judging by your reply. im a very driven person, and obviously with success comes reward, so yes, i want to earn money in the future. what i mean is when i start out im not concerned if i were to be on near minimum wage, as long as im gaining the experience to succeed.

      If i were to transfer my skills from my present job to aus, i would need to take a step down as due to the format of retail over there, my position doesnt exist. that said, moving to australia is life changing and i wouldnt want to move over there and be stuck in a supermarket as i am over here. the make up of the EA role would be more suited to the australian ideal for me.