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What should I be asking my agent?

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  • What should I be asking my agent?

    Ok, our house has been on the market for 10 weeks. Had approx 5/6 viewings & no offers. The agent had one of those open days last weekend and I travelled up for the day...nobody came:-(
    When we first put it on the market the agent was gushing (Beautiful, listed, thatch, beams,fireplaces, original, double garage, rural village, detached etc etc etc and expected it to fly..set a 'reasonable' price etc. Now that the viewings have dried up I feel that she has lost interest.

    So what should I be asking? On one thread I thought the idea about how many hits that converted to full details viewed would be a good question to put.

    In the current climate I know selling is tough but want to do all I can to sell. Its on at 385 ..should I drop it to 350ish?
    Its described as a 2 bed but the 'walkthough' landing (which we use as a study) is over 4m square. I have seen other such properties on the web with the title of 3 bed house but my agent refused to do the same...should I insist.

    I am sure there is a lot that I should be asking as I need to get her to shift it.

    Should I offer her a personal incentive or is that not allowed?

    Perhaps its time to switch agent? Though with everyone using rightmove I am not sure that would make a difference..would it?

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    Re: What should I be asking my agent?

    A few thoughts for you......

    With the housing market the way it is 10 weeks is not a long time to be on the market without selling.

    An agent should not lose interest in any property on their register at the moment as sales are not easy to come by and the more stock an agent is offering the better chance they have of surviving through the recession.

    Open Days are generally useless and are more for the benefit of the agent than the property vendor.

    The agent shouldn't need a personal incentive to sell your property, she has agreed a sales commission fee with you and that should be set at a level that is motivational enough to encourage her to promote your property.

    Dropping to £350k is likely to help as buyers are in the position of strength at the moment and are generally looking for value for money, but without knowing anything about the property, the area, the average prices etc nobody on here can advise you on the correct asking price. Ask yourself this though - "If I had an offer of £335k on my property tomorrow would I accept?" If the answer is yes then you should probably be at a lower price, if the answer is no then don't drop to £350k because that is likely to be what you will get offered thereafter.

    Maybe you should ask the opinion of other local agents to see what asking prices they would suggest, your current agent may have over-valued the property (either deliberately or otherwise).

    It doesn't sound like your house has three bedrooms, therefore it should not be advertised as such, the agent could fall foul of the Property Mis-descriptions Act and is right to insist on advertising it accurately.
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      Re: What should I be asking my agent?

      Beautiful, listed, thatch, beams,fireplaces, original, double garage, rural village, detached etc etc etc
      This suggests that there aren't many others that can be directly compared with it that have sold recently - hence more difficult to value.

      Last post was sensible - get other agents to tell you what they thank and why.
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      As a conveyancing solicitor I want to be helpful (England/Wales only) but can't accept liability for this.