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The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

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  • The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

    Hey guys,

    So following my last thread, If you were an estate agent and I could provide an you with qualified leads every month...

    • how would you like to be approached?
    • What terms would work for you best?

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    Re: The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

    Well Joe, If I don't answer you I think your question will be hanging there for a long time.

    The 1st question is easy - approach an agent by phonine, emailing or going in to the office. There is no set preference. I prefer emails myself.

    The 2nd question is more difficult. On your earlier post you talked about £40 per lead. I don't think anyone would pay that. You also said to correct you if you were wrong that commission was 4-7% well you are wrong. 1% Scotland and 1-2% England. Now if you are not aware of thet basic premise I would doubt your qualified leads.

    Currently there are property websites offering this service and prices vary from £1 for a seller and £5 for a vendor. The quality is hit and miss but the one I did use refunded if we contacted the client and they said they just registered but weren't really looking to buy or sell.

    In the current market I would not pay for a lead of any kind. Times are too tough and presence on several free websites and some paid ones is all that I can do at the moment. I am not alone in this either.

    I am sorry to say your timing is off at the moment unless by some miracle you have leads who :
    Want to buy
    Can afford to buy
    Have a large deposit
    Can actually pass credit checks and get a mortgage
    Is in a position to buy i.e. nothing to sell

    However, I applaud your enterprise.


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      Re: The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

      Spot on drhouse. 100% agree. At 4%-7% I would be looking at setting EA up even for one sale a month.

      Also drhouse, let us know if our services can help increase your commission.

      Good Luck and Best wishes Social Joe
      Any posts by myself within this website are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as financial advice.


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        Re: The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

        The most important step may perhaps be to find a reputable estate agent. The economic recession forced a lot of auctions to close their gates, but while the marketplace is smaller, finding the right estate agent for your property is really essential.


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          Re: The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

          I'm not an estate agent, but i think you should find a local agent you could talk to and trial your service to get their feedback...


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            Re: The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

            I agree with drh 100%. But things may be different for you, in your area so go straight to a local agent for a chat. Even though they may not require your services, they might offer a job to someone so enterprising as yourself Joe.
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              Re: The Best Way to Approach an Estate Agent?

              In the previous thread, the OP suggested 50 buyer leads per month.

              I can see what's being put on the market in my county, and what's selling. I seriously doubt that the OP could generate anywhere near this number.

              In the whole of my county, there were around 100 sales in Oct, and there were around 5-10 properties per week coming to market (so let's say 40 or so came to market in the whole month).

              If we were to believe the OP could generate 50 leads, that would represent half the total sales for my county, and 25% over and above the number of properties coming to market in the month.

              Why would this number of 'qualified' leads come in through the OP's internet marketing rather than through the agents currently working in the county? Who would be your first point of contact? The established channels, or some website that's harvesting casual enquiries?

              From the previous thread;

              "These are all people looking to buy or rent in many specific regions within the UK."

              "When I say qualified I mean that these people have shown interest in renting/purchasing in your area and wish to be contacted via telephone."

              Sorry, but merely showing an interest, and being willing to be contacted isn't much 'qualification'. As said above, being ready to buy and having finance in place, and having any existing property either sold or on the market is better qualification.....