Are you real estate agents? Do you have many properties which you need to control? Do you use any tools to support your work?
In this article, I would like to share with you top 5 best free Property Management Software which help you to save a lot of time and effort. Using these software, you no need to install them on your computer, all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection

#1: Propertyware

Propertyware is a top-nothch property management system for all kinds of property types. Users can use it to post or market their property. Besides, property managers also can create custome reports and statement.
  • Be able to receive payment through portal
  • Compatilble with all types of Operation System
  • Be able to get access through mobile phone
  • Stable internet connection is required
#2: Appfolio

If you are looking for a property management software which works best for apartments, residential buildings, commercial setup, and student housing…, Appfolio is the ideal software for you to choose. This software offers features which help to scale down accounting, marketing, and leasing, making your work much easier.
  • Online portal allowing online payment by e-check, electronic cash or even credit cards.
  • Rent tracking, vacancy tracking, automated bill posting are included
  • Support a multiple operation system
  • Require stable internet connection like Propertyware
#3: MRI Software

MRI Residential Management is a powerful management software which increases occupancy rates while reducing costs. This software has a comprehensive platform with end-to-end functionality.
  • Work well with large business
  • Offer a a clear view of important facets within the property helping ease their management workload.
  • Only work best with large property management companies
#4: Buildium

Bildium is one of the most notable property management tool which help property managers streamline their work for managing rent, vacancies, and maintenance of their property. This software is mainly focus on catering to services for residential properties including student housing and modest housing community.
  • Offering comprehensive screening and back-end accounting capabilities
  • Suitable for medium and small property management companies
  • Available for several popular platforms including windows, Mac, and Apple devices
  • Not suitable for large company
#5: Cozy

Cozy is one of the most common property management software which most property owners and managers used to use. This software allows you to access from any location via the internet. Besides, the reason which many people choose to use it is it helps collect rent on time, no matter what types of units are being managed
Furthermore, rent collection, renter applications, and screening tools for credit reports and background checks, are included in this small software and all of which are simple and straightforward to use.
  • Helping collect rent payments online and on time
  • The security and privacy of your data is secured
  • Require a stable internet connection
Being a real estate agent, you must have a lot of toosl to support you such as photography editing software, video editing toolss, … And Listed here are top 5 free property management software, which will help you manage your work better. They are all free, so you no need to invest more money. If you are also using a property management software which is not listed here, feel free to leave it in the comment.

Thanks for enjoy the article!